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  1. I am very sorry to announce that the player of Alexander Fraser and Verity Sands of the Guardsmen Militia is no longer with us. Her son in law has contacted us and explained that she suffered heart failure and passed away in her sleep last Tuesday night. Alex was a member of Grd for over a decade, and just about the most authentic, reliable and loyal besieger that there ever was. I always relied on her counsel for any decisions we had to make and never regret following her advice. Above all, she was selfless - always put the division and guild as a whole before herself, and although I tried
  2. Sorry! I never really interacted with any of those guilds so can't comment but don't doubt you're right. When I said that I shoulda been more clear that I meant the newer ones set up in recent years that reguarly interact with non-evil guilds - it's been a long time since an evil guild has been significant on the world stage like they used to be. It's a shame since it really does limit potential plot lines to not have a bunch of evil doers who can put up a decent fight against even one of the militia based guilds.
  3. UD and TGL won about as many battles/skirmishes as they lost, and although they did things like ambush lone trainees and such, no one complained about them any more than any other guild. Even Zhedra, who was so gimpy as to go around as a necro-mage in constant lich form didn't really attract much ire because they were respected for how well they played their role. The thing was that along with that they didn't take themselves too seriously and weren't obsessed with portraying themselves as all-powerful. They'd risk interacting with non-evil guilds even when it was pretty obvious that it wou
  4. Still, it does hit on a fundamental problem with the silver system that's going to have to be addressed somewhere down the line. We don't want to end up causing massive inflation and privilaging those with lots of OOC wealth by trying to outcompete each other with how much we award ourselves/guild members. For instance, Grd is currently converting copper into silver, and copper has historically been very difficult to earn - you get about 50 max for a running well planned event with a detailed report. We'd planned on a 1:1 conversion, but if other guilds are giving it away in the hundreds willy
  5. Nope - if you're in a guild which will allow you to make a mage character from the off, there won't be any power scroll limitations or anything. Nowadays Grd is the only guild to restrict power scrolls to those who've earnt them, I believe.
  6. I'm no expert or anything but I think mages in RP-PVP use protection to stop them getting interrupted. As a warrior I've only ever interrupted mages a couple of times when they've just forgotten to cast protection.
  7. No magic items of any kind for anyone. You needn't worry - it's not like mages are at any kind of disadvantage or anything. They're still more powerful than warriors without any magic items.
  8. Take the 'my' out of that sentence and you've got a more accurate description.
  9. I think indirect social pressure is the best way to stop cheaters. Those who are caught doing it or obviously have more silver than they would realistically have could just be treated in the same way we currently treat power emoters or those who bang on about how perfect their character is in their profile. People will want to cheat to increase their characters influence without actually going to any effort - if cheating makes your character a complete joke no one takes seriously, there's no point in doing it.
  10. If Devante wants to charge 500 silver for a keg of poison surely that's his matter? If no one buys it then he might lower costs to get a buyer. Supply and demand, the invisible hand of the market and all that crap. Since it's a new system no one knows what anything is worth at the moment but sure it will come clear in time. It only comes a problem when one guild starts giving out 1000s of silver pieces to its members freely whilst others are giving out 50-100 per significant event. Having said that, arson on guild buildings in the middle of the night has always been around and though people
  11. It takes a bit more organisation to transfer silver onto your RP char illegitimately than gold so hopefully there'll be more time for the shame to kick in and stop most people from doing it. There'll always be those without any sense of dignity who'll do it regardless but it'll probably be easier to spot them out and give them the cold shoulder than it would be with gold.
  12. Yeah the GMs are far too few, far between and either don't know or don't care that protecting player run communities is vital to UO's continued success to bother helping us at all. There was once this guy griefing the whole Europa RP community and in ways that went explicitly against EA rules and I naively suggested that if all the guilds GMs, each emphasising that they represent dozens of players, constantly page them then they'd find it difficult to ignore and be forced to deal with him. Turns out that they didn't find it difficult to ignore at all. They always find some excuse to not bother
  13. During and just after the Border Wars about a year ago the RP scene was at its most integrated, and it actually felt like a proper community rather than a bunch of individual guilds. Since then events transpired that have damaged the trust between the major guilds, which will take time to heal. But you can't just force these things overnight - we just need to give it time to convince each other that actually nowadays no one in power wants to pursue petty grudges, spread lying propaganda about other guilds OOC or deliberately promote community division. I'm sure that things will get better as l
  14. Last evening I ran what I had planned as an uneventful night of duties for the guardsmen. Had I known about the perils we would encounter along the way, I wouldn't have bothered. The night started mundane enough - after gathering the guards in Stonekeep, I ran a short parade drill. After all, the Yewish guardsmen's position as the most proficient soldiers in the land is down to their ability to act as a single almighty combatant against less organised and more fragmented groups of individualistic warriors. Our dedication to the art of uniform obedience to drilling orders goes no small way to
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