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  1. Any one ever macro this feature with Razor? Just curious
  2. Oh, will have to look that up. I went and killed some named Daemons at the fire temple, do not think I got honor for them... Interesting, but will have to double check
  3. I think I asked the wrong question, after Ogre Lords, where can I go to progress my honor and move my Karma past 15k? Again, thanks all! Have a good night...
  4. I am a classic paladin, mace tactic, chiv, resist spells, anatomy and healing. What is the loot like out there in Tokuno? Is there a good place to hunt Daemons? Thanks
  5. Hi All, I have been farming Earth Elementals and Ogre Lords. Seem to hit a wall with 15k Loyalty rating. Where is my next farming spot for gold and fame? Any thoughts would be helpful, thank you in advance...
  6. I have made a classic paladin, thinking of dropping resist spells for something else, what would that something else be that would help me defeat greater dragons? Thanks in advance
  7. I made 2 mules, one with tinkering, mining, carpentry, blacksmith and tailoring. The other was a mage, imbuer, fletching, lumberjack, scribe and alchemist. My combat characters I made a ABC archer and warrior as well as a tamer. Think the tamer is my favorite
  8. Archery, Bushido and Chivalry (ABC). It would help if you get a weapon with mana leach so you can continue to spam lightling strike. I am trying to figure out to beat Greater Dragons at the moment, but anything less you should be able to take. Make use of slayer weapons when possible.. I would get powerscrolls where you think it is best, I did archery, bushido, tactics and anatomy. Hope that helps
  9. I did GM'd fletching in about three evenings. I feel I used a lot less wood from failures then I did previously, think this was a resounding yes. Thanks for piping in
  10. Hi, I am trying to make a fletcher, should I use a fletching talisman to gain skill? Seems like a good idea since it does not increase skill. Thoughts?
  11. Quick Move Update - I ran out of room during the move in all my banks and left some items out in the open, no one came by though. I learned pack animals do not log out with any items on them. You cannot recall without a bonded pack animal perhaps... Thanks goodness for gate spells. Redeeding the forges worked perfectly. I am now the proud owner of an 18 x 18 3 story house with a lot of room!! Thanks for your help!! Forgot, it appears banks do not have a weight limit anymore... Just item limits
  12. Awesome, will check it out, thanks for your help
  13. I thought I read somewhere I can take an axe to a forge to redeed it, is that true? Again, thanks for the help so far
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