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  1. Thanks for the great advice, my house is near Luna so will go get chivalry, in terms of imbuing I have a couple of gm crafters so will add it to one of those. I'm on Europa, using my old account so got some cash and some stuff to play with, enjoying fishing still:)
  2. Hi, jus tback after an exceptionally long break and need help with (everything really) my template and what armour to wear. Currently I have Anatomy 110 Swords 115 parry 100 Heal 100 Resist 80 Tactics 110 Magery 40 Focus 65 I'm wearing basic player made GM armour Valorite I think (the blue one) What should I do for a basic hack'n'slash and what armour should I aim for? Cheers in advance.
  3. I've jsut remembered you may remember Blackcat as Vagablonde.
  4. yes I remember that vaguely:) I was at the burning of the HQ I think. lost of fun was had and some of the battles were epic. I remember one around Minoc bridge where there were lots and lots of us.
  5. yes, pretty sure Moiraine was a member of FFL initially, which was my guild. You'll remember Blackcat and Xarkaltos?
  6. Thats sad news, I remember Sally buttons. Yes I was involved before the move to Trammel but mianly I was involved on the fringes with my guild. In trammel we were quite heavily involved and ran the nujelm section of the rpg goup based around Trinsic and the fights between various cities, etc. Was good fun.
  7. jenny Wren rings a bell but she may have been another character, Jenny always wore green kilt and white top and had the title "pretty nurse", was involved with Spiritwood and the RP group in Trinsic.
  8. reactivated my old account, on europa. I'll see if I can work out the chat:)
  9. Thanks I have renewed, its only a tenner so not the end of the world, not met another soul yet though. Where is Luna again?
  10. Returning to UO to see what it's like, never found a game that quite matched it's skill tree or free form fun so found it was still around and thought I'd see if there was a heartbeat. Where is everyone hanging about and what do I need to do to start off again? I am assuming all my houses, etc are gone. If you have a clue what the title of this is about, then we may once have met:) Looking forward to playing again. Cheers Nevyn
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