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  1. for an east code spard let me suggust cats . not greatly populated by still busy . if you do contact me and i will help you set up
  2. and as you are saying trick or treat you are not begging so would not get any normal begging items
  3. `just cause i like to annoy are you saying trick or treat
  4. not sure if on atl but i know there are glacial pants as a own a pair
  5. if using pinca ui then need to go in and i believe uncheck slick shift to unstack i think it is
  6. sorry i did msg you icq a few times but then i started adding things and not following up like i should finally desided with15th anniversary as a goal it now or never and with all my stuff never was not a good answer as rares are to be shared. also i am a oylmpic fan and did not want to schedule anything around that time
  7. i finally reached the point where my rares are displayed and ready for all to see on cats this weekend . my attempts to get help with getting screen shots have all failed so will have to come see. there will be tours and contest with great prizes that will be posted with great rewards for all. this will be a must see for all into rares and even they will be amazed. this is intended to be a before 15th anniversary history of rares and events learning experience there is a rune to start point locked down at luna moongate . that house also has 2 ruin books locked down to my other houses. i
  8. now you really missed my other half going into hysterics last friday when i saw sneek peak. it was like a piano wow then i saw that was not right so i looked again and had him dying in laughter i looked again and saw 2 rows keys and said ok not piano oh finally the jewlery box with each key being a place to store your jewlery . he was like you are really not dumb enought that they went to all the trouble of creating a new system just so you can sort jewlery.
  9. my first time 14 years ago was sheer me had played the game a week or so as a lumberjack staving in vesper and was tired of chopping trees in town so crossed the bridge by bank and was amazed to see a tamer with 3 wolfs i very politely asked could i watch him a few minutes as never seen a tamer . he said sure . he said it real easy you just say all kill . well 2 seconds later said all kill and the three wolfs killed me . i ran back to town got rezed and asked could i please have my stuff back . all i got from him was learn to play the game and he had 2 friends now with him and they all were l
  10. i have 3 what piece of art is he most proud of in uo . if he could add anything he wanted into the game what would he add if he had no other pressing deadlines and could redo one piece of art what would it be.
  11. here is a question; if he where told that starting next week he was going to have to play uo 10 hour a week 1 what char templates would he use (we will be kind and let him have up to 7 char and will give him the honor of letting him set his skills and stats like on test center once and give him 25 mil gold to start out.) 2 and what would he spend his ingame time doing.
  12. that makes sense than although not sure why city loyality would drop after all just cause you not putting out firs and dealing with riotors does not mean you love the city less as a matter of fact your not being their might be allowing someone else to prove theirs and the more people loyal should help the city
  13. lol how can you tell it dropped or if you are anywhere close to a lvl
  14. grrr so keep going had 2 to adored and 2 want to start my goal is to try to have a char loyal to each city lol guess we rethink plan
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