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  1. Thanks for the bump Sable, I have bug reported it twice in game as I am sure others have done that have the problem, or have it still. We shall see.
  2. Howdy all, I run the EC and prefer that. However, I have noticed lately, well more so lately, I am getting the client crash when closing a spell book. Anyone having this issue on here? I know people have it, but was wondering if one of you do, if you know a fix?
  3. Thank's for the reply Sable, The archer is going really well, he is becoming very efficient. Granted most skills are not of Legendary status yet either, but he can take down regular dragons in Destard, and put a dent in Greater's before running lol. after he is built up, I was thinking Mage, mystic thrower next.
  4. Howdy all, I know there is a Template section, but that seems fairly inactive, so I thought I would post this here. I am working on a PvP/PvM Archer. Using the old ABC build. Are these still pretty viable. Archery, Anatomy, Tactics, Bushido, Healing, resist and some in Chiv. Seems as though it would be a pretty effective character in both PvP and PvM. Obviously a person's tactics in PvP have to shine as with any build.
  5. Welcome back, I just came back about 3 months ago. But I had not played since 99 lol. So a huge re learning curve for me. As far as busy shards, I think Atlantic holds that title.
  6. Thanks for the response Kayhynn. I figured there might be a catch lol
  7. Hey there folks, I have been working on my Sampire for over a month. He is pretty decent. However. I am thinking on some changes on the build. Well basically just starting a new character and soulstone points from the original one to the new one. Reason i am doing this is I want to switch out Parry for 120 Tactics. Now my Bushido on the samp now is 110 he has the 20 scroll on him. So if I create the new sampire. I know I will still need a power scroll for him. Now if my 110 points are put onto the new samp build and he has a +20 bushido scroll. On the character creation screen whe
  8. Hey Kayhynn, Do you hang around Luna mostly when your in game not doing any hunting or crafting and what not? I have been just running my Sampire mostly now. Voodoo Haze. Say hello if you see me and I will as well Did not mean to De rail this thread hehe.
  9. Ahhh Ok my bad, I thought someone said Miasma. I see that arctic blue colored one in the link.
  10. Another question Petra, well two actually. Regarding the hair dye. Is the 500k bright hair dye, the kind of light icy blue I see people with? Or is that the Miasma one? I just noticed the hair stylist's have that five hundred thousand bright one as well. Also, for the clean up Britannia points. for the 1000 point robes. Do they just look like a normal robe or is there any detail to them?
  11. Ok,enhanced client. How come my characters hair is not as apparent as the old client. I don't wear a hat due to having the shield mace and goggles. Seems like even with the long hair option chosen, its not as easy to see. Is it just me and not having the setting right or? I want to get the bright hair at some point, and want to be able to notice it a lot more. I know I am vain lol. Also, I honor everything I attack, well try to anyway that can't be done all the time. I have a hot key set to target and heal myself but how do I set one to target the mob and honor it at the same time? Wh
  12. And if you return and want an active server, player base wise. Atlantic is usually hoping on peak hours. As far as global chat on there, it's usually pvper drama back and fourth, but all in all it's a fun server and a lot of good people and some good guilds for new and or returning folks. I recently returned as well. After a very long time. It has the fun nostalgic feel for me. But give a shot.
  13. Well it was bad until i got a couple of soulstone fragments the I charge ones. So I will just transfer the mages 91 necro points to the sampire then I will work on taming with the mage.
  14. It was the damn stat scroll lol. Oh well got some mana out of it and some other stuff. I am building a sampire now Raising Necro is the worst lol
  15. Thanks Petra, yeah I just hit K on the keyboard and it brings up the window. I did know where it was. It just shows 100/100 in magery instead of 100/120 for the cap even though I consumed the +20 legendary power scroll. I wonder if, not knowing I bought the wrong dang one, one that did not specifically say Magery on it. Oh no, lol.
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