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    Still of the Night

    It was a quiet night in Aegis. The threat of bears moving ever closer to the Knights Rest seemed to fade from his mind, as he looked toward the renovations of the Tavern. It had been a long, slow day of work, and Aedon's thoughts turned towards the footpaths of the Glade. Setting his work aside, he picked up his walking stick, and strolled out into the fresh air of the midsummer night. He had always loved this time of the evening. The stillness which wrapped its arms around the Yew forest afforded him time to think, to work out issues of the day. He had a bit of a set to with one of the bui
  2. I first laid eyes on her in the spring. Strong as a young oak, yet as lithe as a willow, she moved lightly through the forest. And where her feet passed new growth sprung forth from the ground to greet and revel in her coming. These were light days, filled with all the promise of new life. Every moment a story-each day is a song to be passed down through the ages. It was with some reverence that I followed at a distance, not wanting to disturb her, and yet longing only to be near her. Summer followed and a golden light surrounded her. It was a thing to behold – her, dancing lightly along
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