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  1. Wheres the pvp guilds and pvp stuff at now... Been searching for a guild but ca t find anyone.
  2. Played ultima for 15 years and just came back couple days ago.
  3. Just started back couple days ago and already have my mage almost finished but im looking for an active pvp guild and people to play with. Been doing alot of solo play building my mage. Also in the past i played tc1 alot and if anyone on Atlantic remembers kobe bryant thats me. Thanks !!
  4. Yea it did drag especially my nerve strike bok necro build lol
  5. I am the original kobe bryant from cats, GL, and tc1 and im kinda wondering if anyone that i use to play with still running around.
  6. Some of them are hard to do now becuase they did the update where you have to have tactics to use specials and stuff. I actually ran a necro/bok that i had started playing with on tc1. once they released the tactics patch it got alot more difficult to build a nice setup with your weapon skill and tactic skill along with whatever else you needed.
  7. Did anyone play test or tc1 back in the day and know kobe bryant?
  8. Nice !! I will definitely look into Petra thanks ! Ray youve been an awesome help to i appreciate it ! I might just come to catskills instead just to hang with ya and get my feel back and i havent made any characters yet. I will be remaking my account due to lost info my dad cant remember anymore and starting fresh with an account all to myself. Kinda sucks gonna miss all those reward ethy mounts at the start but oh well lol.
  9. I definitely agree with you ray , since ive started playing ultima my first 2 characters have always been my crafter and my mage. Definitely helps to get everything for your characters before there made and having a couple runebooks and recall scrolls for my crafter to get around and mine and stuff . Thanks for the update on the new pvp stuff to it sounds pretty cool and i probably will end up on Atlantic. I use to pvp there with an old friend back in the day ! What server you playing on ?
  10. Hello all ! I played ultima online for 15 years and am wanting to return ! Played on great lakes with the family but family no longer plays so im looking for a shard with active players !! I am big on pvp , factions , guild wars etc. Never really been a trammy when fel finally came around ! Any recommendations would be awesome !! Thanks !
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