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  1. "Ashlynn never smiles, its too much effort. Also wearing that same green dress through dungeons and swamps is murder on the hem." Gak says that she always "smellie lyddul bid ebil", this explains a lot. "The fish are just fake props from Jhelom theatre." The old man appears oblivious to this, don't tell him. "I couldn't fit the legion of devoted fans on." They are hidden underneath, no one would see them. "Oh look! I just got a private message from Phoenix saying she wants to be repositioned stabbing Gak... kidding. =P" There is not enough room on that paper for Battle Pho
  2. Ashlynn does look kinda pissed. And how come only Ashlynn and Gak have tattered clothes? Are you trying to imply that she is on the same level of ebil as Gak? This might explain the ebil glare. I am certain that Gak has forgotten more about ebilness then Ashlynn will ever know. You could always add someone for her to stab. There is no way Winfield would have that many fish, and they are all way too big. These are definitely the-one-that-got-away size. The "ebil" Winmere unintentionally hides small items under all the rune books in her back back. Items like rings and wands and 37 a
  3. Clompid Ilidz always make great filler. The stabbed humie should be the "good" Winmere. You know, the one that leads everyone to their deaths in the depths of some dungeon and bakes the Cookies of Doom +2 in her free time. The "ebil" Winmere cannot be harmed by a simple stabbing nor does she cook.
  4. Clue answer: John Duke with a warhammer in the corner near the bar.
  5. If it is going to be a group picture, Gak has requested to have his eyes closed or be looking away. Or picking his nose or stabbing someone would be great.
  6. It wasn't for lack of trying. Gak hunted down everything from Bob Evans to our next exit. We never missed one, we just didn't eat at each one. If there were feo-orkies out there, we would have found one. The thirty minute "hour" glass turned out to be a five minute glass. It doesn't keep Gak as entertained as long as I had hoped it would.
  7. Added day 12. We are safe back at the double wide.
  8. Added day eleven I don't get to have nice things when Gak is around. You are lucky. There is more then one Air Force Museum?
  9. Added day ten Hour Glass?!? Wow someone is rich! I really can only afford a 10 minute glass, thank goodness for credit cards. At least Gak knows how to keep you occupied for an hour. Muhrchhrchrch
  10. What would you like to know? It will be a planned stop next year. It is one of the coolest places I have visited, not only for the awesome glassware, but Gak was not able to touch anything, which is both funny and scary. I take that back, he did play with the hour (30 minute) glasses, which kept him amused for, well, 30 minutes at a time. The museum had old glass containers, eating sets, and pictures made with tiny glass rods. Many of these items were priceless. There was a Egyptian glass vial from around 4 BCE that you could touch. There was a gigantic glass egg(30 foot long x 15 foot tal
  11. Added day three. there is no Bob Evans in sight, so there might be minor rioting in the morning. We are near Detroit so no one will be too alarmed
  12. *Feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns about our journey. If you want to ask Gak something specific, I might have to do the translating, I don't have voice software on this laptop, and Gak types with a hammer, which isn't good for the keyboard. Dey zuth: Packing is such a joy with Gak. It's easy in the sense that Gak doesn't require much luggage to travel, but what he does pack might be illegal in some states-war hammer- or it might be smelly currency in Canada- roadkill hides. Of course, Gruul is staying home again this year. It was either leave Gruul or leave the road
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