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  1. "Ashlynn never smiles, its too much effort. Also wearing that same green dress through dungeons and swamps is murder on the hem." Gak says that she always "smellie lyddul bid ebil", this explains a lot. "The fish are just fake props from Jhelom theatre." The old man appears oblivious to this, don't tell him. "I couldn't fit the legion of devoted fans on." They are hidden underneath, no one would see them. "Oh look! I just got a private message from Phoenix saying she wants to be repositioned stabbing Gak... kidding. =P" There is not enough room on that paper for Battle Phoenix. "I think I'll need to add more kegs..." And more Feo-orkiez "And those arrerz are stuck in the ground ready to be shot, rather than having been shot. Or maybe his bow string was wet or loose or something!" Sure...blame the equipment.
  2. Ashlynn does look kinda pissed. And how come only Ashlynn and Gak have tattered clothes? Are you trying to imply that she is on the same level of ebil as Gak? This might explain the ebil glare. I am certain that Gak has forgotten more about ebilness then Ashlynn will ever know. You could always add someone for her to stab. There is no way Winfield would have that many fish, and they are all way too big. These are definitely the-one-that-got-away size. The "ebil" Winmere unintentionally hides small items under all the rune books in her back back. Items like rings and wands and 37 apples and full suits of armor and legions of devoted fans. Would Nanoc let Phoenix take time for a picture? I'm sure there are some dishes that need washing. *duck and cover* Someone stole Tancred's ale. Benito isn't stealing enough ale. I see how you paid an homage to the Star Wars Canteena scene. The faces are similar. Who is Tat going to bash over the head with that book? The rumor around here is she really can't read. Se'an missed if he was aiming for Earik. Se'an missed if he was aiming for his own feet. A bull's-eye might be the only thing Se'an can hit, and that is an odd place for a bull's-eye.
  3. Clompid Ilidz always make great filler. The stabbed humie should be the "good" Winmere. You know, the one that leads everyone to their deaths in the depths of some dungeon and bakes the Cookies of Doom +2 in her free time. The "ebil" Winmere cannot be harmed by a simple stabbing nor does she cook.
  4. Clue answer: John Duke with a warhammer in the corner near the bar.
  5. If it is going to be a group picture, Gak has requested to have his eyes closed or be looking away. Or picking his nose or stabbing someone would be great.
  6. It wasn't for lack of trying. Gak hunted down everything from Bob Evans to our next exit. We never missed one, we just didn't eat at each one. If there were feo-orkies out there, we would have found one. The thirty minute "hour" glass turned out to be a five minute glass. It doesn't keep Gak as entertained as long as I had hoped it would.
  7. Added day 12. We are safe back at the double wide.
  8. Added day eleven I don't get to have nice things when Gak is around. You are lucky. There is more then one Air Force Museum?
  9. Added day ten Hour Glass?!? Wow someone is rich! I really can only afford a 10 minute glass, thank goodness for credit cards. At least Gak knows how to keep you occupied for an hour. Muhrchhrchrch
  10. What would you like to know? It will be a planned stop next year. It is one of the coolest places I have visited, not only for the awesome glassware, but Gak was not able to touch anything, which is both funny and scary. I take that back, he did play with the hour (30 minute) glasses, which kept him amused for, well, 30 minutes at a time. The museum had old glass containers, eating sets, and pictures made with tiny glass rods. Many of these items were priceless. There was a Egyptian glass vial from around 4 BCE that you could touch. There was a gigantic glass egg(30 foot long x 15 foot tall) that you could stand in that had incredible acoustic effects. Just about anything that can be made of glass was there. Glass shoes(which I didn't see, I just queried about them while flirting with the saleslady), glass dresses(which she might have modeled for me, if we would have had more time, and less people around), Xmas tree ornaments, glass flowers of all sorts, to glass cutting boards in the forms of vinyl records(which I bought), Elvis's head, Marilyn Monroe's head, and various veggies. One of the most impressive glass items was the Jellyfish suspended in glass. You could make your own ornaments(by glassblowing), glass flowers (by pulling molten glass), glass windchimes, glass clocks, glass picture frames, glass beads and pendants (for necklaces), and sandblasting cups, bowls, and plates that you decorated. Most of the staff that helped with these crafted items were volunteers. This would be something I would love to do. If you are afraid of fire, this definitely isn't a job for you. Where as I earned the nickname "The Human Tong" some years ago, this is not a problem for me. 2400 degrees will melt most things, except Gak's heart, apparently feo-orkies are much hotter then that. I am slightly disappointed with one of the glass guitar picks I bought. There were bubbles in it and it occasionally catches on the strings, but I remedied this by turning the pick upside down. The others picks don't suffer from this problem. I am wary of keeping them in my back pocket, where you can usually find a guitar pick, because they might break. The skull is awesome and much heavier than it looks. I will have to rig up some sort of light source to display many of the items I bought. Nothing there is cheap either. The picks were 20 bucks each. The dress was around 5 grand. I too have a new found love of glass. Now, I just have to keep Gak from touching, and the goats from eating, any of the loot. I might have to install electric fencing inside the double wide.
  11. Added day three. there is no Bob Evans in sight, so there might be minor rioting in the morning. We are near Detroit so no one will be too alarmed
  12. *Feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns about our journey. If you want to ask Gak something specific, I might have to do the translating, I don't have voice software on this laptop, and Gak types with a hammer, which isn't good for the keyboard. Dey zuth: Packing is such a joy with Gak. It's easy in the sense that Gak doesn't require much luggage to travel, but what he does pack might be illegal in some states-war hammer- or it might be smelly currency in Canada- roadkill hides. Of course, Gruul is staying home again this year. It was either leave Gruul or leave the roadkill hides, and Gak won't trade Gruul for a feo-orkie, but he will trade some hides. In fact *I* will trade those hides for the first feo-orkie we come across, a feo-orkie cannot smell worse then fresh roadkill hides. Gak didn't sleep at all Friday night, he was too excited about visiting Bob Evans on our trip. Dey ash: Travel day. I spent a fortune down loading wardrums from itunes and a good set of headphones. Hopefully this will eliminate any fighting over what we listen to as we drive. We made it to Springfield, Illinois before we found a hotel. Even though Gak is older then dirt, he doesn't get a senior discount. It sprinkled on us most of the day, so we kept the top up and ourselves dry. Dey dub: We did not eat at Bob Evans, due to safety concerns. They "brought back fried mush by popular demand". As many of you know fried mush isn't for eating, it is for food fighting. Gak knows how humies love to throw fried mush, so we opted to stay away. Neither Gak nor I want to be banned from Bob Evans for life. We visited the Lincoln museum and had a good time. Interestingly, they do NOT sell Lincoln Logs at the gift shop. Which is a shame because I think they would be perfect for any maintenance of the Orc fort or the double wide back home. On the bright side, they will not become projectiles while we drive down the road. After the museum, we drove to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tonight we will attack the fort, if there is one. Gak is looking for directions now. Dey Gakh: There is no fort, or the humies wouldn't tell Gak. I'm not sure which is true. We did eat at Bob Evans, and if there is anything that can overcome the disappointment of not conquering a humie fort, it is eating at Bob Evans. Bob is always happy to see his favorite orkie. We drove down the street to Sweetwater music. Gak played the wardrums like a wardrummer should, and I played some axes that I can't afford. I did end up buying one, and Gak and his warhammer negotiated a few free t-shirts for us. After loading up the loot, we headed down the road to Auburn, Indiana to the Auburn, Cord, and Duesenberg museum. Lots of cool old cars there, well worth the four hours we spent there. Nothing there compared to Gruul, but Gak had a good time, even if he couldn't touch anything. We drove to Maumee, Ohio where we are spending the night. Dey Futh We traveled most of the morning toward Niagara Falls. We stopped to eat at Steak and Shake outside of Erie, PA. Gak gathered as many stakes(tooth picks) as he could find. We arrived at Niagara Falls around noon. I am glad that Gak doesn't swim, or there might have been another daredevil claimed by the falls. We did get soaked when we walked down to the base of the falls on the American side. Gak did take some stakes down in case we needed to spear some fish or kill a Kraken, but luckily we didn't need them. Gak didn't want to take the boat to the base of Horseshoe falls. Gak doesn't have a passport, so we couldn't venture to Canada to trade firs for feo-orkies. We traveled back to Buffalo to find a place to stay the night. There were no rooms left in the two motels in Buffalo, nor did we find any places to eat. We left Buffalo and found a place to stay in Batavia, NY. Dey Krith Much to Gak's dismay we did not eat at the Bob Evans next to the hotel in Batavia, we had to hurry to get to our next stop- The Corning Glass Museum in Corning, NY. Now you may be thinking that a glass museum and Gak don't mix well, and you would be right. What a great place! We will be visiting this place again. They had demonstrations of all kinds, from making to breaking glass. Gak made a glass wind chime and a blown glass ornament. Yes, you heard right, Gak has glass blowing skills. The ornament is awesome. Among the many things we bought was a glass skull, a glass ship in a bottle, an hour glass, and some glass guitar picks. We drove on to Carlisle, PA where we will be staying the next four days. Day six We drove to every music store in the area to find a guitar case that would fit a guitar I bought, but we had no luck. We did go early to the fairgrounds to pick up our goodie bags, and ended up buying a few items from several vendors that were already set up. Tomorrow we will be up early to get into all the action. I hope to get many signatures on the custom painted guitar body I brought with me. Day seven Spent the day walking around the car show and swap meet. As in the past, we probably walked over five miles perusing lots of shiny parts. Most of these parts were for cars that cost more then the house I live in, but its still fun to look. Day eight We spent half the day at the car show and left early due to the incoming rain from Hurricane Irene. Of course, Gak's rain dance kept the rain away. We just got done loading most of our loot into the car to avoid doing it in the rain in the morning. NOAA and The Weather Channel called for a 100% chance of rain in the morning when we would be loading up the car to start on the trek back home. Hopefully, this will keep Gak from getting too soaked. A wet Gak is not a happy Gak, and an unhappy, wet Gak smells funny. With a bit of luck, we will not have foots of rain impeding our escape from Pennsylvania. Day nine Travel day. There were several families that had evacuated from the east coast that were staying at the hotel. After filling up on eggs, sausage, and taters, we fought the wind from Tropical Storm Irene while we loaded our remaining stuff into the car. Gak put up a good fight against the gusts. I believe he might have broken the wind a few times by the smell in the car. Half way through Pennsylvania the rain stopped and the heat and sun returned. We made it the Dayton, Ohio, where we will stay the next two nights. As a reward for his efforts, Gak will get to eat at Bob Evans in the morning. Dey Ash'zuth Started our morning by finding breakfast at Bob Evans, then we visited the Air Force Museum. A usual stop on our journey, and always a favorite with Gak, who digs bombs and cannons. I had to drag him away from the F-16 cockpit, I'm not sure all the sound effects were what you would expect from a real F-16, but I guarantee everyone that heard him was looking around from something falling from the sky, or coming up from under the floor, or both. Dey Ash'ash We ate breakfast at Bob Evans. This will be the last time we get to eat at Bob Evans during this trip. There was no crying even though Bob is gonna miss Gak something fierce. We left Dayton, Ohio to visit the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. This is always a favorite, because there are many things that Gak can touch. Gak could not play on the driving simulator because he doesn't have a drivers license. Gak told the guy running the simulator, "Lat nub cin ryd Gruul bekuz lat nub prugh skrybbulz". I don't think this guy understands how lucky he is- Gruul bites. We left there on our way to Sikeston, Missery. Before I talk about dinner, I need to mention Cairo, Illinois. Our trip through Cairo was like traveling through the town in "Children of the Corn" Gak wanted to look for, and hunt down, He-who-walks-behind-the-rows. Winmere told him that he has good loot, but we did not go on the war path because we need to the to Sikeston for dinner. For those of you that have never been to a Lambert's Cafe, they are The Home of the Throwd Rolls. I don't think there is an Orkie alive that doesn't like to throw rolls, and Gak is no exception. Gak would wait until the guy with the rolls was as far away as possible before he would call for a roll. Now, the guy throwing the rolls is not used to having the thrown back at him. I did remind Gak that he is supposed to eat the rolls, not play catch. After dinner I rolled a stuffed Gak our to the car and back to the hotel. Ahh, that is entertainment! Dey Ash'dub (It took me a few days to get on the computer after I got home, that is why this post is a few days late) We arrived back to the double wide in one piece. We unpacked the loot and nothing was broken. Gruul was happy to see Gak. Thank you all for following along on our adventures. Gak will be happy to answer any questions or comments. Driving statics: Total Miles- 3302.8 Total Gallons of Gas- 116.415 Ave. MPG (per the car)- 27.7 Ave. MPG (calculated)- 28.3709 Total $$$ on Gas- $446.19 Ave. Price per Gallon- $3.827 Highest Gas Price- $4.019 Total Bugs hit- 967 Total Feo-orkies- 0 Disclaimer- Not many baby seals were poked in their eyes during the making of this excursion.
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