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  1. Hello all, My semester is done and the holidays have passed, so I will be returning to the realm later tonight. Let me know what I missed during my absence and if there is anything fun going on currently, such as player run events or events in general. Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you guys in-game!!
  2. Hello all, Kerrs Holley here! I will be out of the realm till about December due to school. My PC is at home and I dorm at my college, so I will only be able to log on whenever I come home for the weekend, and that will be rare due to the amount of work I will be tackling this semester. I am interning for my school's radio station as well as doing journalistic work around the campus which will be eating up most of my time. I use a mac laptop at my school because most of my school's computers are macs and it makes it easier to transfer work from one machine to the other. Macs also work better
  3. I like this university idea. I have a crafter I completed and barely know how to use him because I have no idea how to make great armor and weapons with good resist and good mods. Perhaps we can have an expert crafter come teach a few lessons on how to get good runic hammers and runic kits for smithy and tailoring, and then have a hands on lesson so newbie crafters can try to create awesome weapons and armor. Another lesson can be on how to train skills the most efficiently and quickest way possible. Another RP event can be simple player ran quests. We meet up and then travel on foot throu
  4. Well matey, these tavern nights will be happening all summer long. Every Sunday at 7PM EST - so save the date matey and come visit us pirates to share an ale and some fun!!!
  5. Hey how exactly did you make those drawings? The Vesper one looks really good, was it hand drawn and then edited in a program like illustrator ???
  6. Ahoy there Samara, tis Kerrs Holley again lass. If you need any help, we pirates can usually be found on the same island that the tavern night took place. Drop me a Q also if you are in need of any armor or supplies to help you get on your feet. Hope to see you around the realm! You may also want to check out the township of Oasis, they are very helpful to new and returning players. Just ask anyone in game to take you to Oasis or look for a man called Lightning. Take care lass!
  7. not sure if any of those people are still around mate, but if you enjoy roleplay - maybe you can consider joining my Red Dagger Pirate guild. I too recently returned and im rebuilding the guild and our player run town. So lemme know what you decide mate, we would be happy to welcome you into our pirate ranks, Arrr!
  8. I would just like to thank the old man for making the old paxlair site available to the public again. I was able to search the Port Baldmor News Archive and re-read all of my guilds past adventures and see pictures of friends who are no longer with us in the realm. It really made me smile and feel excited about UO all over again. For those who are unfamiliar with our past stories here is a link to the two years of fun filled adventures we pirates had along side the paxlair statehood: PaxLair Site 10 - News 2007 & PaxLair Site 10 - News 2006 Sometime soon I would very much like a ch
  9. I wish to invite Role-Players from all around the UO realm - Simply create a character and come enjoy a night of roleplaying with the Chesapeake RP Community. Come one, Come all and spend a night drinking with the pirates of Port Baldmor. Our town is once more slowly coming to life, and with that we are restarting our famous TAVERN NIGHTS! For those who are unfamiliar with our past tavern nights, it is a social function open to all members of the realm, but especially geared towards Role-Players. Our Tavern sits nicely right in the middle of our fair little town and is easy to find
  10. Thanks for showing your support paxlair, I was glad you were all able to make it. I was worried at first that it would only be me and N'ton. Tavern Night was quite a success thanks to you guys and I am looking forward to see you guys come around this sunday for another night of rping - this sunday we shall be throwing darts. So bring your sharpest dagger and throwing arm!
  11. how About I do gm cart - gm LP - 81 mining - 40 magery for recall and rings and such to raise it to 60 for heals - I'de use pots to invis myself - 120 provo - 120 music - 115 mysticism - and then put the rest of my skill points into focus - this way i can cast RC and invis and also provoke because i love using that skill sooo much hehe.
  12. I m starting up my weekly Tavern Nights at the Soggy Barnacle on Port Baldmor, it will be on Sundays at 7PM EST time and right after all the rpers can attend the Hall of Commons meeting at 9 pm est to see what else is happening in the realm. I encourage all rpers to swing by as I will be hosting various activities during these tavern nights. The first one is tomorrow and we will be doing Net Tossing.
  13. Arr, t'would be a grand thing to raid one o' yet rich towns indeed. But alas, me crew befew in numbers at the moment, not enough fer a real invading force. However I do like the idea, in the past we Red Daggers have invaded old Haven from the docks and the folks of RBG tried to repel us back to our ships. That was a grand battle for everyone was equipped with gm armor and weapons. It brought things down to a simpler level of play and gave our smiths something fun to do as well. Once me crew has grown atleast twice in size yee best start watching yer town ports, fer there may be pirates upon th
  14. I was searching the site uoguide.com trying to find out who I had to see for the quest that gives you on of those magical fishing poles that turns you into a goblin. So I typed fishing quest into searching and scrolled looking for the right link. Once I reached the very bottom, I found a very familiar name - Winfield. Though I'de share this little piece of info with the rest of you, that is pretty awesome to be able to look up your statehood mayor on such a well established site.
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