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  1. Because it would be another ruleset that they would have to maintain and patch. They have said on numerous occassions that there will not be a "classic" shard for various reasons. The biggest one is that the other era servers back ups were wiped/destoryed during one of their various moves over the years. And to go back to a "classic" server it would have to be rebuilt/recoded (do not know the proper term) and they are not going to do that. You want older eras rulesets afraid you are stuck playing free/gray shards. Just do not advertise here for specific ones or you will be banned by admin
  2. watched the new show, loved the original with Sagan when I was a child. Tyson was he pompous? maybe a little. Did I enjoy the show? yes, it only runs for the next 12 weeks not like its going to be a recurring series (unless I missed that somewhere). And if it sparks childrens dreams of getting into the hard sciences? I am all for that. I know the original got me into reading more about space and exploring it, though I did not want to become a scientist, It still opened my mind to possibilites.
  3. going to follow this! though with a healthy grain of salt
  4. meh...meet the new boss, same as the old boss. They spin UO off again and within 2 years, EA will be buying/obsorbing this "new" company back into the greater EA empire.
  5. just going to take some getting use too. Plus I did have a issue with logging in on my account after we converted over, but Adam sorted that out! Thanks Adam!
  6. iirc UO can have problems running on intergrated graphics cards on laptops. off the top of my head that most likely the problem. Also which client are you running? Classic or Enhanced? im betting your running enhanced try the classic
  7. i like to eat mine to keep my crafters full before i start crafting, but are they really taking up that much space?
  8. well let me give you a few ideas on your sarpedon convert, if you have not seen these models...head over to your local GW page (i was looking at the US page, so the models might be listed differently in other countries) look under warhammer orcs and goblins army (view full list) in Lords & Heroes list Goblin Big Boss on Gigantic Spider In the Core list Forest Goblin Spider Riders In the Rare list Arachnarok Spider One of these 3 should fit with your plans, might ave you some scuplting time if you can afford the cash.
  9. oh yeah big 40K fan, while I no longer play the table-top anymore, WFB stoled my heart (Go, Skaven!) I still read all the novels and play all the games, its just a fantastic setting.
  10. favorite? really I will try any animal grilled at least once, but mainly stick to the big 3 (beef, prok, chicken)
  11. neat, what progress we have made in a few short years
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