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  1. Hey Everyone, I have a GM Mage that I am trying to GM wrestling on and I am getting really frustrated with being at a stand still with skill gain in the 90's. Here's my situation I used fighters hired from Jhelom to get up to about 91 or so. I would hire them, gate them back to my tower and then wrestle them with my spell book in hand and I even had all my armor and jewlerly on in order to reduce Reagent use for healing him and went from 20's to 91.3. At which point skill gain stopped. I macro'd with a fighter from the same location for 3.5 hours and didn't gain a single 10'th of a point.
  2. Hey Everyone, I am returning to the game after about 17 years lol! can anyone tell me where there are good vendors to buy furniture to decorate my tower with? on the Atlantic shard. Thanks!
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