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  1. So I Have a gm carpenter who is also a gm tinkerer. I made a wooden box using the carpentry skill. My 90.2 lockpicker doesn't have much problem picking it. So first of all i'm wondering if i'm using the right box. Second, If I am what is a good macro to try and pick it an lock it if it opens. Using uoassist of course.
  2. OH I did not know that, thank you for letting me know and I will not pursue that issue any further
  3. Haven't played in awhile, trying to use [redacted] but it don't seem to be working. Any suggestions on how to get it to work, or did they make it so it won't?
  4. I'm looking for either a place to put a castle ( which I know is very unlikely) or a castle that is for sale. If you know of either please let me know.
  5. As the title says, I'm looking for either a castle that is for sale, or a somewhere to place a castle ( probably not possible anymore). I am on pacific so want it there if possible. Any facet will do.
  6. what phrase do you say to the quest givers in heartwood to get a quest. Trying to do some carpentry quests but don' know how to get them to give me the quest
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