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  1. Fair enough I guess the game has had a good run for sure! A lot has changed yet it feels quite familiar. I am using enhanced and apparently I heard it is an unfixed bug I failed to teleport into the room to challenge him on my first attempt and the rune went dark and says I need to wait. From what I read there is no work around unless that info was outdated. Basically you have to create a new char and hope you get lucky. Not the worst thing in the world for sure. Everything else seems to be running well
  2. Thanks buddy! Hey another quick question? Is this game buggy? First hour in and I had problems with my backpack hot key and a rune for the dark knight quest isnt working...
  3. Ive decided to go with Pacific. Any guilds out there looking for members? I recognize GoL and am wondering if it is the same group from Catskills? Cheers, Crimson
  4. Im a backer and will keep it short. I am growing increasingly more concerned and I feel the OP hit the nail on the head with a number of issues. I got swept in with the hype after swearing off MMORPGs for some time as I was burned out (mainly from supporting other indy projects with similar claims and visions) and felt the market overall had lots its way hard. I really hope RG pulls it off but I am extremely concerned with some of the attitudes, side politics, and borderline deceptive practices that seem to be creeping to the surface now that I have done my homework. Ho hum. Here's hoping,
  5. Hi everyone, I have decided to give the two week trial a shot to see how things are in the world of UO. I was wondering what a good shard to play on is mainly for population and pvp (pvp being secondary). I live in Alberta so a time zone in that area (mountain) would probably be best for ping etc.. although I might be willing to make a sacrifice if the quality of the server is significant in comparison. I played on great lakes and catskills back in the day but have moved to the west coast since. Thanks for the help, Crimson
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