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  1. i am looking to find a player named lantharas if anyone knows who they are or are said preson yourself please contact me in game or on these forums there is a matter of some improtance i would like to discuss with them i can be found in game most days on the toon azurel just shout in gen chat if you know or are this person and thanks for any help
  2. Hi I am or was that is a vet player but that was a bit over 5 years ago I am just getting back and will be looking for a new home I have 3 vet accounts mostly older pvp templates but some pvm I do have a sampire that at one point could solo the peerlesses even after the 2009 nerf of the template tho i dont know if he still can I am willing to transfer shards but slowly as tokens have got pricy in my absence if anyone is interested let me know I do prefer smaller shards thanks in advance found a home and a guild
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