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  1. Hi everyone, quick question for Sampires. I know for bushido, we honor monster every time, but it is so annoying to open paper doll and the virtue system and click honor and honor monsters. Is there a short i am not aware of? thanks!!
  2. Hi everyone, sorry to post on this forum regarding baja server stuffs. But i figured this forum is more active. So i know we have shard events every saturday, can someone from baja tell me where is our events every saturday? THANK YOU!!!
  3. thanks! but doesn't gm Anatomy gives you 55% damage bonus???
  4. soooo.... with your template your open to any physical attacks without any % to miss?
  5. so.... what is the point for a mage to have EI and Anatomy?????? Mage usually have wrestling already.
  6. I know. EI is for magery, but I read on UOguild that with EI and anatomy combined, you don't need wrestling for a mage.
  7. Hi guys, so I read something about having 220 in EI and Anatomy will give the same defensive ability for 100 wrestling? Can someone confirm this or how is this work? So if I have 120 EI and 100 Anatomy or vice versa. I don't need wrestling at all? thanks! -JJ Zhang
  8. So I went back to looked at my old warrior template, after long hours of reading different forums, I decided to make him into a sampire. I am pretty sure I want to take the following skills. weapon skill anatomy tactic bushido necro parrying chiva So my question is, I also want healing for my character, I know chiva can heal too, but using bantage to heal myself while running or fighting is just better, in my opinion. I have seen a lot of templates out there for sampire does not have healing. I don't understand why, can someone care to explain to me? Should I drop maybe parrying for healing
  9. i found my old account!!!!! wohoo!!! Only downfall is my old characters are from Baja Any way i can transfer the characters to Atlantic and not bankrupt me? thanks!
  10. Hi guys, i used to play ultima online back in middle school and high school and now that i am working, married, i sort of want to come back to this game and give it a try one more time. Sorry i used this post, but i thought instead of creating a new post, i could just use this one. I am probably not even going to try to retrieve my account. I don't even remember my login username, but just my in game character name. My question is what is the most populated shard i should start on now? I really don't want to be alone in a shard and just wondering around myself. thanks! -JJ Zhang
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