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  1. Well, working INT, i kinda went past the point i wanted too. Now i messed up my mages dex (has 18 now). So what are some easy ways for me to get my dex back up? But also looking for other ways to raise INT & STR. thanks!
  2. Lister


    so far my template is ninjitsu - 50 stealing - 50 snooping - 91.4 hiding - 89.4 stealth - 0.3 fencing - 70 tactics - 70 but not sure if im going to keep fencing or tactics or just stone them off. mainly i just wanna make a char to annoy the reds in fel. but since im a newb, i dont have the advantage of the 720 skill cap. oddly enough, right after i made the char and was running to haven moongate, what do i stumble upon, a 120 stealing scroll
  3. Lister


    Anyone have any macro tips for stealing? I'm starting a thief character up, is @ 50 stealing currently.
  4. awww puhweeeeaaasee im not on your shard soooo one less ninja running around there
  5. Ok, so what do i do if my ninja doesnt have a fighting skill. My ninja's stats are as follows Gm Magery Gm Eval Gm Resist Gm Medi 97.5 Hiding 85.0 stealth 85.4 Ninjitsu I can't ninjitsu to raise anymore, i manage to squeeze out .4 using shadowjump, but haven't gotten anything since those points.
  6. yea im gonna hit the sheep up soon to get my parry up some more. its @ 85, but 100 with a +15 ring. Debated just locking it here.
  7. holy wow, figured out the easiest way to gain healing last night at least. but in the process i gm'd chiv (which im gonna drop now). Standing in luna bank area, casting noble sacrifice then healing. I went from 38.1 to 75.5 in 4 hours! Still trying to locate a 110 swords though, cant seem to find one on legends yet.
  8. is it worth it to take chiv to gm? currently im at 97.7, but i refered back to this and saw you said only to around 70-80. What does swords 110 do for you?
  9. yea publish is out, motherload is gone. and bendavho is right, only in caves can they be acquired now, and need gm mining.
  10. is it easy to find? spawn on anything? i'd like to try and find a set for my house on legends. yea i can remember such a long time ago, i was one of the handful of people on cats with a full set. always had people trying to buy it off me.
  11. aye when you do, let me know please! i was looking all this morning
  12. good ideas guys, i stoned off focus last night. Started anat (was at 50, is at 98.7 now) since im a new player i only have 700 pts, so DiP thank you for your guidance.
  13. Anyone have a template they can share? Currently on my samurai Jax, i have 97.5 Bushido 85 Swordsmanship 85 Parrying 70 Tactics 110 Focus 85 Strength, 85 Dexterity, 55 Intelligence I started doing anatomy, but can't decide on what the last skill i should pick will be. I don't know if i should do resist, or just make up for resist with armor. or if i should take up healing or chiv. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to make a decent PvM char that can handle some big stuff. Thanks!
  14. Lister

    My RARE

    i had 2 of those books on cats back in the day, one facing each directions (east and south) the one facing south had text writing when you'd click on it, been so long i cant remember what it said. were nice additions.
  15. yea i lost 3 of those stretched leather things cause i believed them to be locked down
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