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  1. I respect and understand the spirit of your message, but the fact is that people who SHOULD be 'doing their job' should have a job that doesn't entail addressing these kinds of issues. Conversely, there should be someone for whom this is PRECISELY what their job is. I'm not saying that Mes and the Dev team should be hunting down login information, I'm just saying that they should have someone who DOES do that. I understand that, in the macro sense, the team has probably been whittled away to just a core group, but if you look at it customer by customer, it is reasonable to expect that PART
  2. Whelp, I am sad to say that the number one worst thing about UO has not changed - after having been back only a week or so. I was lucky in that I had migrated to an EA/Mythic account a bit after Rennaisance/before AOS, but a few of my friends haven't been so lucky. Through sheer willpower I managed to convince THREE of my old friends who used to play with me back on Catskills circa 2000 that the game is worth playing again. They've never migrated an account... so they had to go through that whole pain in the behind process - your first barrier to entry. Unfortunately, if you forget your UO p
  3. Definitely more of a "have fun," template. I don't mind living 'on the edge' of survivability if it means I can get in and out of hot water with more flexibility. I don't want something that's going to steamroll content and like having to play/manage what's going on. I also like a template that will allow for some adventuring - there's so much in the world now that I have yet to do that I don't want to template for end-game content and just rush right to it. I love to RP and am not a min/maxxer - just someone looking to unwind and have some fun with friends!
  4. Hello all! I am finally returning to the game having been encouraged by what I am seeing coming out of Broadsword and some of the DevChats and the return of OvC (or "Vice versus Virtue.") Not having played much since Renn, I am noticing that the game is much different! My main characters have always been on GL but it appears to be a ghosttown to me the last few nights. I logged onto Atlantic the other night and was immediately helped by some very kind Syndicate members - just the kind of community I have been missing! I'm returning to play as a Bard and am starting fresh with some great
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