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  1. This is the only important part of that entire library so lets get at it. You may not victimize, harass, threaten, or cause another player unwanted distress or discomfort, as determined by Support Staff. You may not use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player. Do you feel someone copying a governors name and then running for governor covers either of these? Knowing full well this person never tried to impersonate this person in game outside of this. Do yo
  2. You wrote all that condescending crap and didn't even answer my question. Seems someone is letting their personal view take over the business view. Sounds like Stratics I enjoy your personal attacks, this is a sign of inferiority, I have gotten to know it well. Personal attacks are the last sign of a failing troll, I guess I had better hopes of people called "ADMIN" lol If I have ever said anything about anyone it has always been strictly about in game.
  3. You dont exactly give instructions to what you want done. You send me exactly step by step how to do what you want done and you will get it. Since i have never done this i think if you want it for a 3rd time you can explain it this time. There wont be any difference though dont hold your breath Myth isnt that important to me. I did think it would be an interesting read to let the world see what hes been writing my wife. Drama? Hardship? LOL sorry man i had to, to think either could come from a roleplayer is amusing. Stratics is not a fan of free speech im sorry. I am still determing how
  4. I am fairly certain that only Great Lakes people ever called me Superspot as the rest of the people on every other shard know me by this name. Meaning you who dont know are exclusive to Great Lakes as anyone with an any other shard perspective would obviously know me by the other. Im glad you moved to get away from us, i will enjoy that one. You would have never survived in a world fighting BC 50 people deep. Please state where in the rules of conduct this imaginary rule you have made is from? Being one of the most paged on people in all of Ultima Online i happen to familiarize myself with
  5. I enjoy you making excuses for your behavior while at the same time denying you did it. One can really assume Dot was so confident he was going to win the election he was only having people troll for votes on Atlantic for fun. Nails is involved but of course will not ever respond publicly as he avoids us regularly. I could post logs showing Nails and Myths friendship but you will just call me a liar at so many occasions. Isnt that what has happened here every time? I don't care if I won or lost, I care how the game was played, and obviously Dot Warner only cares about winning, something
  6. This was way to much work to get to load to prove im not a liar. But hey here it is.
  7. First I would like to point to my amusement you say I need to buy votes, sir I laugh at thee, I bet you are the same type of person who believes you can pvp because you run with 25 other people right? I laugh that the system is genuinely afraid of having Great Lakes people only be able to vote on Great Lakes. I would also like to point of how many accounts does Nails have? Doesn't Nails accounts plus Myths accounts add up to just about exactly what Myth was quoting? Oh that's suspicious. I have never claimed to be Dot Warner, and since I doubt your a Dev to confirm this I suspect your an idi
  8. you asked for proof from icq I copied icq Are you saying you want a picture of it up on the icq client? Is Myths character really a surprise? It seems you ask for proof and when it is given you raise the bar higher and higher, apparently to a level of never being able to comply. Seems this place is a lot more like Stratics then you first stated.
  9. First off I would have never have believed that many votes from one player had a I not witnessed a flood and I mean flood of newbie players voting at the stone. I watched as the numbers went up as they voted it literally was 100 deep, hard to believe but very real. And yes you can watch the stones votes and people vote to determine their vote. Myth was brought in by Dot Warner and the roleplayer community on Great Lakes to rig the election. I am sure he will deny this to pieces and no he isn't stupid enough to have ever icqed anyone I know. But had you watched general chat during this time
  10. he claims to have voted with 120 accounts remember you asked for it By the way he says he pvps but he really sucks at it How do you tell? He avoids every 1v1 known to man Hey remember 5 posts ago how the roleplayers were getting picked on by their word without proof. Hey look its proof they are the problem. UH OHS btw I got more icq logs most people wouldn't believe These are conversations I was told "did not happen" and " I am a liar", right right All Stratics did when I tried to show them proof was delete then ban
  11. I fail to see how letting a person vote In the same city across multiple shards help anyone. I enjoy how you feel these roleplayer people will never do wrong. Oh how wrong you are. But I will enjoy posting multiple ICQ''s I have been saving of things that should have never been sent to me. Remember you asked for it.
  12. I am sure everyone has noticed by now, how couldn't you? Everyone is voting everywhere. The same guy voting 100 times in Britain Atlantic stops by Britain Great Lakes to recast the same 100 votes. But this isn't supposed to be an issue? How can the same guy vote on every shard in the same city? Does that even make sense? How? How can the same group of people being able to control every city in the game a good thing? How can you possibly encourage use of a system where everything is obviously one sided? I would have thought bringing it up on Ultima's official boards would have encouraged
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