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  1. Ill check forums here regularly... plz post offers.. thanks
  2. cdharr68

    ABC Archer

    Is this still a good template? Archery.. tactics.. anatomy... healing.. chivalry... bushido... resist?
  3. Are these hunts still going on? i dont see a schedule for April
  4. will trade 10 million Lake Superior gold for 10 million Siege Perilous gold...
  5. Does anyone have these for sale on their vendor?
  6. Whats everyone run with on a tamer template? Looking for new.. even quirky templates... want to do something different with my tamer on this shard.....
  7. Is this still for sale?? Its been over a year.. im interested if its still around?? Siege Perilous shard?
  8. What computers do you guys use for playing UO?? Coming back to UO but need a new computer... anyone have advice on minimum requirements to play UO? Any recommendations on what computer to buy? Any help much appreciated thank you
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