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  1. I have yet to receive any artifacts either... And having noticed that most items on the list are 50 turn-ins each, I'm worried that most will find this event unsatisfying. It'll have to be on until the end of the year for people to collect these things without needing to grind. 20-25 turn-ins each would be better. There are two unmentioned aspects to the event as well, one of which has a nasty bug associated with it. You can wind up with the server thinking your pack is overloaded when it clearly isn't. I suddenly had over 700 stones in my pack, but was still able to move. Dying seemed
  2. The turn out for this event was simply amazing. I haven't seen this many people show up for a player event outside of MoA auctions in a long, long time. Even the baby platinum dragon, Princess Mirendel, came dressed in an adorable ghost costume! Elsie won 1st place in the costume contest with her idol costume. (Prize: 3 mil, engraved souvenir deer mask, rubble tree and Mesanna's Head on a Spike) Here are the three winners receiving their prizes from Helga (Governor Willa of the Yew-wood): 1st - Elsie, 2nd - Rekced, 3rd - Ghost Mobile Piero, Xevei and Ghost Mobile won the majority of M
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