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  1. Sorry to anyone that was depending on my posts for a calendar of whats coming up on Great Lakes. After watching a governor event be griefed to death and the GMs refusing to respond to pages from a dozen people and after taking the issue to the devs and getting nothing but silence from them, I needed to step away from the game. Right now, I just don't see the point in doing anything when the dev team clearly has no interest in supporting the people that make this game fun to play. My decision to return will be based upon whether the Devs and GMs crap the bed in regards to griefing of the up
  2. If you're accounts switched to listing as DAoC accounts, I am afraid to tell you that you are shit out of luck. This seems to be a rare occurrence, but it has happened to others. I know of a person on Great Lakes that ran into this issue, after he and Willa tried to get Messana to fix it, but she simply said there is nothing they can do if the accounts have somehow switched to being DAoC accounts, as all UO data on them is lost apparently. Sorry bro.
  3. Bonnie can't do anything if the accounts are already linked to the Origin master account. If you can't remember the password to your Origin master account, you can reset it through www.origin.com. Yes, Origin can help you in regards to your master account, they just can't help you get passwords for unlinked UO accounts. If you can login to your master Origin account, you can easily reset the passwords for the linked UO accounts.
  4. Sorry I've been out of the country for a few weeks. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for no hassle when doing spawns, you should probably stay on Baja. Hanging around the luna bank you'll eventually find a guild so that it is easy to find fellow players. Your chances of doing a champ spawn on Atlantic are 0.000001% because the top PvP guilds always have that stuff camped. If you are looking for tons of people, the only answer is Atlantic. It is the only server that is even close to the population when you probably last played. If you are looking for PvP
  5. Cross posted from the Tribune Reporting from Skara Brae: The Bordermarch Naval Summit organized by Governor Knighthawke ended with with the Nujel'm delegation led by Princess Zaida walking out. Sir Sentri, representing the king's interests, tried to calm the negotiators, but there was no way to soothe the growing temperatures. The governors, along with several concerned citizens, represented the interests of the various cities and trade guilds of Britannia. The central point of contention was the sultan's kingdom took offense with the way Britannia's proposed trea
  6. Cross posted from the Tribune From the Wilkes Family Merchants of Skara Brae:
  7. The character is an ornery as ever. I am pretty sure he thinks everyone is out to kill him, even this reporter.
  8. Cross posted from the Tribune 442nd Meeting of the High Council Greetings to one and all! This coming Monday (August 25th 2014) at 8 PM CST will be the 442nd Meeting of the High Council of Britannia. The Council is the dutifully elected representatives of the kingdom that serve the people of Britannia and promote their interests across the lands. Location: Jerred Ghyss Civic Center at Compassion Grove (12o34'N 37o58'W) Quoting the Previous Meeting: DaKaren: While Minax may desire the necklace for sentimental *shudders* reasons, there are fanatics that might see this artifact as
  9. Cross posted from the Tribune From the desk of Dot Warner, the Governor of Britain: It was a very close race, with second place being decided by a difference of only six seconds! Congratulations to our winners and participants! A big thank you to our official race passengers and supporters The regatta will return in 2015!
  10. Cross posted from the Tribune In a shocking turn of events, it has been determined that the illegal orcish mining operation in fact did not contaminate Cove's water. A team of acclaimed Britain alchemists has tested the water and has deemed it safe for consumption. No toxic chemicals were found. Earlier today, the Chief Healer of Cove, Ingrid, apologized at a distance to the local orc chieftain for blaming his clan. Witnesses state the chief's only response was a dismissive snort before he turned and stomped away. Ingrid, whose patients now number twenty-one, vows to continue search
  11. Cross posted from the Tribune With Vivian Fellows Welcome to another edition of 'Politics! Britannia!'. It is our personal goal to always bring you the most relevant interviews with the kingdom's movers and shakers. Governor Thomas Jameison of Jhelom will be joining us to talk about all the recent events: from peace negotiations with Nujel'm & Skara Brae to whether our kingdom should ever support slavery. The governor was kind enough to sit down with us shortly after the naval summit at Bordermarch. Vivian Fellows: Greetings Governor. Thomas Jameison: Greetings my friend. VF: Tha
  12. Atlantic is of course the busies server hands down for any type of game play, PvP or PvE. But I play mostly Great Lakes. Great Lakes still has a pretty busy PvP environment. Many older Atlantic veterans now have alts on GL to PvP on when there are lulls on Atlantic. There is a lot of open world PvP in Yew Felucca on GL. It all starts around the moongate there and spreads east to the crypts and west to the Yew Abbey. Great Lakes also has weekly pvp tournament in Fel called the Late Night Fight Club for 20 million gold to the winner. LNFC happens every Tuesday night (this is the summer sched
  13. Cross posted from the Tribune Filed from Cove: The BMV Benevolence arrived in Cove with a large supply of needed freshwater in the hamlet. Laden also with food, the heavily loaded ship managed to outrun raiders that appeared as the ship approached the bay. A surprising turn of events for the crew, as it had been a long time since any such activity had been reported in the area. Surely an additional concern for the King that the chaos of the Valorian seas is starting to spread. While the mission was spearheaded by Governor Warner of the Britain, Governor Knighthawke, always known for h
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