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  1. B-b-b-but how did they get her with possession of cocaine if it wasn't real?!?! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Hahah, what an idiot! I love stupid criminals.
  2. Fresh Format, so I guess now is a better time than ever. Running Win2k.
  3. Ain't that the truth! Good thing I went and bought the thing off of eBay instead of paying retail on it. Cost me 45 bucks including shipping for a brand new PS3 Game Really looking forward to Madden 08 as well!
  4. Howard Stern Show - West Coast Feed I'm actually about 4 minutes behind because I had to pause it...
  5. Happy birthday, Chad! Is this the same Chad Sexington that posts on Something Awful?
  6. Congrats! Does this mean something is opening up in the near future? Only kidding!
  7. Talk about rasing a thread from the dead...
  8. Aye, thats a great idea. Is there any way to set it up per forum so that personal forum users could set up their own list, or is it a global setting? Lemme think of a few keywords and I'll edit this later.
  9. Yeah it seems to be per thread, as it didn't link it in my post above.
  10. Now is this per post, or per thread? peerless (Just for a test)
  11. Yay, Now I can actually try and PvP! Pots and Re-Arm macro here I come!
  12. I'm glad that GMail filters all that crap out unless I tell it to show it.
  13. I plan on getting over to Walmart at about 8 the night before. The managers will probably recognize me as this will be the third item i've waited till midnight for in the past year. 1. Laptop for mom for christmas ; It was an awesome deal for 400 bucks. 2. My PS3 ; I waited in line for 36 hours for that damn thing and was worth every minute of it. The people ahead of me in line went and bought risk at about 11 p.m. tuesday (was getting released at midnight thursday) and we sat and played Risk for about 10 hours. T'was fun :laugh:
  14. I am. I made the mistake of not pre ordering
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