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  1. Thank you and who knows maybe we meet soon in the game
  2. I do understand/speak German thx to tv stations like ARD, ZDF and N3
  3. I'm from Denmark, and thank you, I will give your a "poke" when I come this far to throw myself into it
  4. Thank you I have not chosen a shard yet, but since I am in Europe, so maybe Europe/ Drachenfels, but I have not decided anything yet 100%
  5. Hello everyone. I just wanted to say hi to everyone here in this forum, I am a newbie to this game so be prepared and it is for sure confusing here at the beginning, as there is much to learn and keep track of, I am not started playing yet because my laptop is old and out of date he he , I am waiting for a new laptop to arrive soon so I use a bit of the waiting time to get set me into the game (uoguide.com) and I do feel, I am ready to jump in to the game, and i will be surprised if I am not start playing even though my laptop is out of date and need to get its pension Looking for
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