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  1. Welcome! If their are monsters involved, it will be fun! I will look for you also
  2. I always shine mine with UOBrasso and UOSilvo. Never had a problem.
  3. Guilds. A place where family is a little easier to live with.
  4. My wife is the exact same...(sigh)
  5. It is formally called Dagger Isle.
  6. Welcome back! There is a crisis around every corner!
  7. There are so many different terms now, but for me, Merry Christmas!
  8. Thanks all. I am 13 months away and I think that if I plan it well, it would be a good acquisition. Clex
  9. Can a non-14th year account use the Shard Transfer Vet Reward?
  10. CAP!, that is not stealing... Well, I guess I am more of a burglar dealing with the nasty family dog.
  11. There are several shards on the east coast. Atlantic is the most populated, but, there is more deceit in the big city. A less populated shard may be more friendly. The UI is still macro-based. Enhanced Client (EC) is more condusive to it also. EC also supports alternate UI programs. Yes, still a grind. Well, there are some tricks that have been around. Am not much of a PVPer, so I don't know. As to fun; fighting seems to have lessened a bit from, for me, 13 years ago. A lot of crafting seems to have been added in that time. Hope helps, Clex
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