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  1. Greetings Pacific Citizen's!!! One of the wonderful things about the new council and representation before the king is that is is roleplayed out. In conjunction with EM Bennu of Atlantic, our wonderful Pacific EM's have posted some guidelines. You can find the original here. "There seems to be a bit of a misconception on the nature, purpose and procedure of the City Council Meeting on Pacific. In an effort to remedy any questions, concerns and give a general outline of what to expect, as well as what is expected. #1: Rule Number One, the role of Governor is an In Character position. That m
  2. As you all may have heard by now, a Rares Fest is coming back to Pacific. One of the many things taking place will be tour of player houses. The houses in question specifically are Sagewind, New Magincia, and Luna. So the questions for our community is this: 1: Would you like to be involved in the tour of player homes? 2: Would you specifically like your house involved in this tour? Next, we are looking for crafters who would be interested in creating a character just for this event, so that items are appropriately titled in the "crafted by" section. If this sounds like something that stri
  3. You can get a lot of the new refinements for armor from the merchant vessels at least now. And if you don't use them, you can turn them in for cleanup points. Personally the pirates themselves end up taking longer than the merchants do.. and with less reward, especially once you have an Orc ship.
  4. This was a great movie. I don't know how I've missed it for all these years.. *laughs* For us it was a Magic the Gathering Game night when I was sixteen. I have to say, that was my gateway drug.
  5. Rares Fest is Returning to Pacific!!! It’s in the Pacific winds. Get out your ‘Exceptional Quality’ items and your EM Event drops! Rares Fest, that periodic creature that causes Black Friday Madness in the UO world roughly twice a year, is coming back to our shard. In association with the RP Alliance of Pacific which includes such guilds as R3, SAGE, Yew Rangers, and UBB; Rare’s collector’s abroad have opened discussions for an October date. Best estimates have it taking place from Oct 25-27th. Tentatively on the Pacific Rare’s Fest committee are: Angelica, Yoda, Sir Kele
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