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  1. Again, everything removed. Last warning - you post a scam alert with no proof, and the ban hammer will drop. And no, as much as one might think so, linking to a single post on a WoW forum is not an offer of proof. You posted no logs, nothing other than personal information, and again, you're whining about a supposed RMT - it's obvious you've not read any of the previous posts, or the updated post on reporting a scammer here. Again, final warning. Quit trying to buy gold for $$$, spend some time killing mobs and selling stuff, and you won't have to worry about being 'scammed'.
  2. 1) Please include the scammer's ICQ/MSN/Yahoo/AIM Name and Number along with Paypal email address or any other pertinent information that you may have. info removed - I have retained it separately. 2) Include the character name or other information (guild titles, neon hair) as well as exactly how they scammed you and what proof you have. info removed - I have retained it separately. I don't have proof yet. And that is one of two very large issues here - you posted personal information on a public forum, with no proof, by your own admission. That opens both you and these forums up to
  3. Has anyone bothered to look at the videos on Youtube? This game looks absolutely atrocious.
  4. You can find the post here! http://stratics.com/community/threads/atlantic-rares-auction-ends-saturday-12-21.308731/ ICQ: 691090807 for any questions/concerns Thanks!!
  5. Please check out the post here : http://stratics.com/community/threads/atlantic-rares-auction-ends-saturday-12-21.308731/ ICQ: 691090807 Thanks!
  6. Hi Everyone! I'm (finally) in the market for a Castle. Please tell me your price, I'd like one before Xmas as a present to my lovely wife Thanks so much!! ICQ: 691090807 Or PM me... Or if you prefer skype/email let me know! Open to use any brokers, whatever you need to make you comfortable.
  7. I'm curious as to why people are so excited for this? It will be, quite literally, nothing like UO. It is more like the old single player Ultima genre with some sprinklings of UO mechanics -- but it will be absolutely nothing like UO.
  8. Too much conjecture. Someone needs to find out how many active subscriptions there are. 10,000 active subscribers = $120k/month = ~$1.5mil a year 6 devs ~ $75k/each = 450k Amazon EC2 Super Mega Package = $5,000 month = 60k/year Plenty of headroom either way ... New patches coming out, new content ... and it's lasted 16 years already. Will be a while before they close the doors.
  9. <From Staff> We are sorry, but buying and selling accounts are against the rules of UO.
  10. Perhaps the admins/owners would be willing to update the ToS that when sufficient evidence is supplied (deemed sufficient by admins) personal information on accused scammers can be shared publicly. Some of these scammer stories make me (almost literally) sick to my stomach. There should be no protection for them.
  11. May I ask why? If the guy is a confirmed scammer, let his info be known?
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