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  1. Thank you Kayhynn. I'm not upset, I just wanted to discuss the things that have happen and hopefully explain why people should think before they click. I am sorry you've been through so much bad stuff. Maybe we can get people to talk and think about the consequences of their actions. I hope I can effect some positive change, but things can not change if someone doesn't speak up!
  2. I really wish someone could explain to me why people think its okay to harass people on the internet. What compels some people to say things on the internet that in the real world would get them punched in the face, the stuffing beat out of them or even arrested? I wish I knew, maybe I wouldn't have recently gotten permanently banned from a forum recently. I freely admit I blew my stack. I blew my stack because a group of persons pushed my my buttons to the breaking point. Yes, I did report the group of people, and the people running that forum chose to do nothing. When this group followed a
  3. I wish I had seen this sooner. I went through ten kinds of hell when I tried to purchased the Kings Collection. According to Billing support my credit card got blacklisted because of the Kings Collection screw up. Then I had a different person say it wasn't. I spent a solid month fighting with them. I was just going to let Amex(American Express) get my money back and my card cleared. I was told if I filed a dispute they would ban my Master Account. I even tried going to their corporate level, the nice reception connection to a woman's voicemail. I left a massage and this guy from EA calls
  4. Players I CAN FLY ,Big Alan, Quicher.bichen and Sir-Smoke-Alot hacked Alice Wonderland on Legends shard. He transfered her castle to himself and then deleted ALL of her chars, . He is trying to sell her castle and content for real life money. An attempt was made to buy the castle for gold and he tried to steal the gold then flaked. EA has been notified and is aware of all but say they cannot return the castle to her. PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM THIS GUY! He has chars on other shards trying to sell the castle which is located on Legends.
  5. Can you imagine the EA-Mythic people...."Onoz!!! Omg!! How do communicate with the filthy unwashed masses???? OMG we might have to use............................THE UO WEBSITE! Sorry I couldn't resist. Its just that I feel the people in charge of UO are a little bit lazy, and I also think (after migration fubar) they take advantage of the folks at Stratics. Just the opinion of one small insignificant dot in the universe.
  6. I hope it isn't anything serious. I'd hate to think they got haxxored. I'm trying to make peace with them. LOL With my luck they'd probably blame me and I don't know java from html.
  7. I wanted to give everyone a heads up about a nasty trojan I spent the last 48 hrs wrestling out of my computer. Its a Win32/Kryptik.QJY trojan variant. It may also turn up in your scans under fsharproj(Trojan.BHO). Its quit obnoxious too. When you use google for a search and click on a search result, it redirects you a crap page advertising crapware and other unwanted stuff. If you come across the following files on you computer you are in-fec-ted: ImagXRA732.exe, atl32.exe., atl32.dll, lwhyhhnih.tmp, mmsystem32.exe. Mbam(MalwareBytes Anti-Malware) forums have lots of people posting a
  8. Okay it was called Test Sosaria back then and I found some pictures. (Bless our Japanese playerbase for loving to make screen shots of everything!) Here's the link through google translate: Google Translate
  9. Does anyone else remember them? They were on the old TC1 that became Origins. :laugh: OMG, those were fun! I must died a zillion times and kept coming back for more!!
  10. Yes it is. That is what Luc of Legends is talking about her post. Its the first part of Part 2 of the Queen Zhah quest. Go to the Ter Mur throne room and there are three Npc Gargies there one of them give you the quest. Its a real hum-dinger chain though. I hope this helps
  11. Okay I'm trying to collect data to see how much of the UO population would in fact support a Official UO forum. That is a forum accessed from the UO Herald page and tied in with your UO account(s). The Pros: 1) Only active, paying UO players could access it. Basically if you quit and terminate your account you cannot access the official forum. 2) More contact with the Development team since it is UO's forum and not a 3rd party site. 3) No freaking Ads!!! (Sorry Stratics ) 4) The UO Community would not be spread across 3 message boards The Cons: 1) If you get in trouble/susp
  12. why does it matter? I just figured someone might scalp there Town Hall ticket like some people scalp concert, convention or sporting event tickets. I'm 39 if it makes any difference. Why does this one person's rights out weight the rights of myself and others on my shard?
  13. Southwest Airlines or SWA has the lowest fares in the US. However I'd be flying from Oklahoma to Fairfax, VA which is the Washington DC metro area. It's a fair distance away. Anyway the point is moot since the Town Hall is all booked up, there are no seats left. Unless someone would sell me their seat?? Anybody "scalping" town tickets? lol
  14. lol no its all one phone number. Then you get the recorded thingy that says: To speak to a customer(no) service representative press 1 for Rock Band Games, 2 for Pogo and Club Pogo, 3 for Sims titles, 4 for Fifa online, 5 for Madden 11, 6 for Warhammer or DAOC, 7 for Littest Pet Shop Online, 8 for other sports titles and 9 for all other games. So for UO you press 9 and get a random CS rep that doesn't know or care about UO or MMO rpgs. I actually had one ask me if UO is a console game. Good Grief!! I decided to go a different route since 6 handles BOTH DAOC and War I figured they'd h
  15. Yes, I'm using the ignore filter but he has a lot of different characters. My hope that he'd left my shard was premature. I got on and guess who was on....yup you guessed it. I called EA this morning this time I used Warhammer/Daoc option instead of the other games option. At least the person I got understood MMOs and was concerned instead of the get lost attitude I have been getting. She brought up my account and read through all the harassment complaints I've filed against this person. She said that something SHOULD be done. She talked to her supervisor who is going to forward my c
  16. Well interesting little development last night...... I been laying low playing on alternate chars and staying out of Global chat. Well I was on my Tamer peacer last night with My greater draggy. I was enjoying the invasion thats finally landed on Legends. I happened to be killing a crap load of daemons in front of a Luna vendor house, HIS luna vendor house. Then I realized all the vendors were gone, strange. I checked the house sign and he no longer owns it. Hmmm I wonder. I'm not gonna start celebrating just yet but its at very least a hopeful sign.
  17. My friend that works in I.T. security suggested using a packet sniffer to get Mr. Pain-in-my-tuckus's IP address. Then file a complaint with the PD and his service provider. Is using a packet sniffer in UO Illegal? I don't wanna get my keester banned or nothing I just want said knothead to leave me alone.
  18. Yeah, I try to keep him and his "cast of thousands" on ignore. I didn't actually threaten anything. It was a rhetorical question. Its unfortunate that EA has out sourced 90% of the customer service jobs to countries whose native language is not English. IMHO- its corporations like EA out sourcing that is killing the American economy. A dear friend of mine in RL was laid off because the company he work for out sourced his I.T. security job to Argentina. You see they could pay the guy in Argentina per week what my friend got paid per hour. Its sad but true. I mean no disrespect to any
  19. Okay here's lastest update. I emailed Mesanna almost a week ago and have had NO response. I'm beginning to get extremely flustrated. EA pretty much diesn't give a crap. So If someone wants to harass you they can and there is NOTHING you can do about it. I'm so disgusted. Anyway here's a copy of my email:
  20. Since I've been sick I've been pretty much laying low. I was on last night for a friend's wedding and I probably ticked some people off. I hadn't intended to go near global chat but my sis gives me a shout in guild chat to hop in there for a bit someone not in guild/alliance needed to speak with me. Well I forgot about being in it till I had the misfortune of having to see some pvper go off with a tirade of hate-language. I told them that I have no issue with pvp smack talk, but if they continued with the hate/racial type speech I will report it to a GM as it is a violation of the TOS/
  21. I haven't written them yet. I've been sick with some sort of virus. It started with a sore throat and fever then progress to the usual gastrointestinal complains. It finally went away. I want to pick my words carefully. I want to get Messana and Cal on my side not alienate the two of them. I'm going use emails for the simple reason I do not trust the stratics staff since they have made it abundantly clear they do not believe that this is a problem/issue nor does it even exist. I like the philosophy of Sun Tzu. He said . I take it to mean if you plan your strategy well then you wil
  22. Well I got an anwser today to my reply at EACusthelp dated 7-8-10: I guess that tells me where CS stands. The statement in question was a Rhetorical question I never said "I'm gonna sue ya." Look at my first post in this thread you'll see my reply to their reply. This is remarkably sad. I will keep trying to work with Messana and Cal.
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