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  1. Selling the plot at the location marked in the picture below in Felucca New Magincia. I paid 100m for this site less than a month ago, but have recently become more and more involved with the Napa Valley Shard and so I plan to transfer there as soon as this house sells. Selling the house for 60m (obo) or I will trade outright for a Shard Transfer Token (I've seen these for around 55m on vendors). Anyone interested should contact Real Estate in-game at his house ESE of Luna's East Gate. You can also contact me directly through my ICQ at 645280391. I will not be online until around 8pm Pac t
  2. Anyways, I liked my ideas. It lets people who haven't played enjoy the game and be able to explore quite a bit while leaving content available, but way out of their reach (unless the team up and do uber stuff). It also would clear up a LOT of housing problems since to get a house you would need to pay the monthly price-tag. I can't think of a better way to get our numbers back into the 100k range while still having a lot of open space.
  3. Hey, it was on page 1 for me. Not sure why, figured it was somewhat recent (shrugs)
  4. Hey, paying for UO is super easy, just skip McDonalds once a month. And there is that exception that I put in so that people can extend the rate of decay timer, and putting it in a location where a friend can reset the timer makes it easy to keep up either way. My objection isn't to people who have nice houses and are enjoying them. My objection is to people who have a single 18x18 plot in the middle of a field that could hold 5/6 houses that is just a placeholder (no construction at all). Heck, put the timer in just for houses that don't have anything in them or that haven't been built on.
  5. I sort of nerded out after writing this out and I've thought of some rather fun(ny) builds that would work well together. This isn't some sort of requirement for me wanting to team with you, I just liked the idea of it. 1) Pure Mage - Basically this guy's job is to focus on buffs, debuffs, and damage (when buffs/debuffs are all in place). 2) Arcane Mage - Damage Incarnate. This guy knows how to dish out the most punishment in the shortest amount of time. 3) The Ranger - Standard Archer build with stealth and hiding, possibly even poisons to make their shots really sting. This guy is always i
  6. I am interested in forming a team with some other players on Siege. I don't want to just walk in, put on the LRC Suit and then spam lightning in a house until I'm blue in the face though. I want to actually play the game and have some fun doing it. Normally I play a mage, and for lower-level stuff I'm good at it, although I've recently been playing a fighter on Atlantic and rather enjoyed that. Normally I run solo, but I know that Siege is a different beast and I think that finding a group to team up with would be beneficial to me, specifically in having backup if a PK comes our way. It will
  7. This is just something I whipped up. I tried to set in some strict restrictions to make it so that F2P can enjoy the game to a point, but they are strongly encouraged to purchase something. Free Accounts (no purchases made) Skills capped at 80 max with a total of 600 skill points available. Stats capped at 80 each with a total of 200 points available. Follower count reduced to 1 (animal taming will raise this as appropriate). Access to Trammel only. One account max (verified by IP Address) Two characters max No access to Siege Perelous. No access to house ownership/friendship Gold cap of
  8. You do realize that one of the biggest draws to UO is how simple it is, right? While I like point 1, it's available in the Enhanced Client (for the most part). Character Creation is FAST and it's easy to do. While I do think that elves need more (less Anime) hairstyles, they are fine.
  9. I'm not sure exactly how the Decay Rate seems to work, but after spending a bit of time on Siege Perelous and trying to place a simple house I have found that roughly 2/3 of the houses placed were 18x18 plots with nothing on them. Just spaces that someone else took up because it was a "prime location" forcing me to move my active guildhouse into the middle of nowhere. My suggestion is simple; EA/Origin should adjust how house decay works so that if no one opens a door to your house, its decay rate begins after one week. A special item can be bought with Architects so that there won't be dec
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