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  1. Have to admit - being a GM can really suck the life out of the game. Sounds like you'll be doing what I do now - keeping my account open and logging in when I can (or when I feel like it)... I decided years ago holding down a job/social life isn't entirely compatible with MMOs If you don't leave entirely there's still some fun to be had now and again - when you don't feel you HAVE to log in, sometimes it's nice to do just that.
  2. Rhyddin


    Hehe - retired from the game to become a forum lurker have we Frosty?
  3. Rhyddin


    Don't get me wrong - there have been a lot of improvements to UO since I started best part of 11 years ago. Pub 14, where they changed the crafting gump got a big WOHOO! from me (despite the fact that I'd already GM'd all of my crafting skills by then including inscription). Custom houses, great. Playable Gargoyles - brilliant (since they've been part of UO since day 1 - not so convinced by Elves tbh). Changes to T-Hunting and fishing in the most recent expansion are good - with the "enhanced" client it's even possible to find treasure without resorting to a 3rd party app or website/sext
  4. Rhyddin


    Oddly I kind of like the retro feel - fel only, hard-to-come-by equipment, don't seem to need to be powerscrolled up to the eyeballs (I'm probably the only person that thinks PSs are the worst thing to have happened to UO in the last 10 years - and most of pubs 16 and 17 were bad). Kind of makes me want to dig out my SP character again - except that shard really is dead.
  5. Rhyddin


    Anyone been messing about on the Shard of the Dead? Or is it just me?
  6. I've not really done anything other than RP for about the past 4 years (though I've been in RP guilds for about 10)... had to take a break for the past few months because I've been too busy in real life - just been popping in to make sure my house is still standing and clear out some of my lower level T-Maps is about all. The RP side though has stagnated for me... I still fondly remember the days of the Spawn Canyon Brigands (^^^) and the Scurvy Dogs (SCD) - even though we nearly always got our arses kicked in SCD since we were pirates, and therefore on foot, in light armour. This was back i
  7. http://www.uoforums.com/gyldenfeld-community/80961-saltpeter-sources.html Tends to imply that it's supposed to be spawning but currently isn't on Europa ... looks like a bug to me. Back to lurker land once more.
  8. Annoyingly I was intending to show up for this for an excuse to NOT wear uniform without having to run laps round the training yard/bank/continent/whatever ... but I'd left my computer installing something while I went to eat. Then it wanted a CD key which meant finding the box... was almost 9pm by the time I'd finished faffing :| If I'd thought about it I could have left it and logged onto my other PC - dowp.
  9. Nope - CET it Central European Time which is generally GMT+1 - except that's probably on daysavings as well now making it GMT+2... you want BST (British Summer Time)
  10. Sorry - would have given you a hand but I was out nomming a big plate of curry
  11. Well - since everyone legged it through the gate t'tak a looksee what was on't t'other side it may be best shouldst someone at least mak' sure ne greenskins cam' bargin' thar way inta Vesper through the gate afore the defences was up an' solid back Vespe-side. So I stood me'sen in't front of the gate armed wi' a nice pointy stick, jus' in case... 'til it occurred to me, a coupla mucky geet gate guardians might jus' de the trick 'n'all. So I magicked up a coupla feisty mudmen ta cover the gate wi' me an' wuh waited.... and aye, waited... an' nowt much 'appened. So I lef' 'em thar guardin'
  12. tbh - I'd have just driven over "the Snail" and claimed I thought I was having a bad trip or something
  13. The reason I've been less active is simply time constraints - I agreed to build a website (with content management system and a few other bells and whistles) for a friend's dad... but, of course, I've got a full-time job so this monkey's being entirely built outside office hours... hence it's eating into my UO (and everything else) time quite a lot atm. Deadline is January though...
  14. As an aside - you realise Ridley Scott has just signed up to do an Alien prequel? http://screenrant.com/ridley-scott-direct-alien-reboot-niall-19565/
  15. Oki - showing my age here but is this Professor Chaos' long lost twin? [video=youtube;yFW-PRNQFXk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFW-PRNQFXk Otherwise - The Tick ftw! ... hmmm or maybe The Maxx (although he might have just been a gardener... or maybe not)
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