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  1. Name: Riker Vaklu Age: 21 Height: 6’0, 1.83m Weight: 210lbs, 95.25kg Large & Muscular, Riker prefers physical activity over a good book. Although intelligent & a very tactical combatant, because of his physical ability, education was always discouraged by others as being a knight is a very profitable & prestigious profession. Handsome, tough & charismatic, he’s always regarded highly. Has a strong sense of honor & never backs down while standing up for what he believes is right. Has undying loyalty for friends & family, as well as institutions that he be
  2. Name: Nilrem Vaklu Age: 18 Height: 5’11 1.8m Weight: 140lbs, 63.5kg Frail & anti-social, Nilrem relies on magic & wit to compensate for his lack of physical prowess & charisma. He’s a very calculative thinker, although passionate & brash at times. Despite not having a strong sense of morality & often being cruel & selfish, he does have a soft side for less fortunate people & intense hatred for bullies. He’s rebellious towards authority & set on doing things his way. Loves his friends but is only truly loyal to his brother.
  3. Bank Account Name & Rank: Riker Vaklu, Initiate Current Silver: 0 Silver Gained:
  4. Bank Account Name & Rank: Nilrem Vaklu, Forester Current Silver: 0 Silver Gained:
  5. Hunt and Expedition Log 6-4-13 Hunt and Expedition Log: 6-4-13 Led by: Palin - Senior Captain Attendance: Riker Vaklu - Initiate Vincent Le'vall - Initiate Luna Omegrion - Initiate On Tuesday, Palin called us to the keep to inform us that we were to go back to the Pyramid of the Cyclops and Titans. He thought it would be a good opportunity fer us to train our skills a bit, as well as earn some gold fer the guild's coffers. As soon as we got there we were immediately swarmed by Ettins, Cyclops, and Titans, but we were well organized and stood our ground. We slayed far more than I could coun
  6. Here's what some o' me banners look like: Date [6-4-13] Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. 'Tis important that us Rangers do our best to recruit! A steady influx of new faces is a good way to make more friends, expand our guild's abilities, an' to make things more interestin'. A good way to advertise our lot is to place recruitment banners in some of Britannia's more popular areas. When placing these recruitment banners, please use our guild colors: Forest Green and Brown. Also, please place a size'rble book in a preferably visible location fer people to see. Within this book ye' should include some information such as who we are and how we can be contacted. Despite these bare essen
  8. Angle Pursuit and Evasion Drills and Training Log: 5-30-13 Attendance: Riker Vaklu - Initiate Vincent Le'vall - Initiate Luthias Cynbal - Initiate On Thursday I was bored and 'ad nothin' better to do; so I figured I'd talk to Vincent and Luthias and see if they wanted to put our time to good use and do some trainin'. After all, with all the hostility towards us rangers lately, a bit of practice sharpenin' our combat skills could do us some good. So we gathered up and headed on down to the battle arena to practice our angle pursuit and evasion skills. After explaining what it was I had in m
  9. Forester Current Requirements Reports: 0/4 Attended Training's: 0/2 Recruitment Banners: 0/10 Gold Raised: 20,000 http://www.uoforums.com/shattered-skull-character-board/99986-hunts-expeditions.html#post631417 Tasks Completed: 2/7 http://www.uoforums.com/shattered-skull-character-board/99986-hunts-expeditions.html#post631417 Forester Trials:
  10. Initiate Current Requirements Reports: 2/2 http://www.uoforums.com/shattered-skull-character-board/99921-drills-trainings.html#post631430 Attended Training's: 3/3 http://www.uoforums.com/shattered-skull-character-board/99921-drills-trainings.html#post631430 http://www.uoforums.com/shattered-skull-character-board/99921-drills-trainings.html#post631262 Recruitment Banners: 5/5 http://www.uoforums.com/shattered-skull-character-board/100015-recruitment-banners.html#post631520 Gold Raised: 21,750 Tasks Completed: 5/5 Initiate Trials:
  11. See that's the thing, GM crafted armor is no longer viable outside of rp-pvp. UO has moved on without the RP community. The Same creatures are stronger than they used to be, and newer stronger ones were made to replace the old. Even despise is not simply lizardmen, ettins, and earth elementals anymore. It's hard enough to survive most places WITH magical gear, as those places are made for people who DO equip magical gear. Going anywhere with GM armor now a days is practically suicide. It's not the rules that need to change so much as guild policies. No one is required to follow the ROE
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