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  1. Muahaha! Yeah, they were a great ol' crew of misfits, if I ever knew any, but they influenced my life through their actions, and taught me a few things (I was like 15....16? at the time)
  2. Hail, and well met, Sosarians! My name is 'Narwhal,' for now, and I am a new member of the forums, but an old player, from the UO:R era. I am posting this, because I have come to a crossroad in my travels. I have been back for about a week, more or less, and started on a low-population shard (which, don't get me wrong, is fine!), but in that, I have found the dilemma of not having a guild to turn to with questions, or assistance if I get lost, or if I am being chased by the Reds. I have fallen out of sync with the ways of the game's world, and I have absolutely lost my mind trying to
  3. I'm having issues as well. I have UO Assist, I start it, when it asks for the directory, I aim it to EA Games-Ulima Online Enhanced - uopatch.exe... It says that client.exe doesn't exist, and to install the game. I tried to rename the UOSA.exe to client.exe, but still not working.... I have tried to target the uopatch as well, and nothing is working, is it possibly because I use the enhanced client for UO? I have the Stygian Abyss one, but it seems others can get it to work, seems to be just me and a few others that are getting stuck... :/
  4. That would be absolutely amazing! And if you could link to any step by steps, that would be greatly appreciated! I just suck at making it look nice, and roofs....well....let's just say I am not good at that, either, lol. Almost forgot, it's an 18x18
  5. I am seeking someone who could, for a small fee hopefully (lol) customize my home on Ice Island, Felluca. Please send me a PM here, or hit me up on my ICQ: 654341823
  6. I have recently restarted my UO addiction, and over the course of the past few months, have attained a deal of gold (it sucks running around like a noob all this time in cheap leather and even cheaper weapons!) which I would like to spend on a small home. I know the bigger ones cost upwards of hundreds of millions, but I am trying to find something closer to 4-6 million. If anyone has a small home, even a one-roomer non-custom in the middle of nowhere, that would be amazing. Please ICQ me at anytime with information!! Cannibal Narwhal, Atlantic Shard ICQ : 654341823
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