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  1. So I had been having issues placing my replica of Lord British's Caslte on top of the carpet I put on top of my new keep. Here comes lord Jolvan out of the blue to save the day!!! Not only was he very fun to talk to, but he made this girls day in ways you can't imagine. Basically the deed to place the throne was bugged when dealing with carpet, and so he forced it into place for me...had been working on placing it properly for over an hour, and it simply would not work!!! Made my day so much, we had a great time. He deserves the credit - excellent customer service!!! Thank you Lord Jo
  2. Well, the GM's have concluded their "investigation" and are unable to offer me a replacement for all of my lost items. I know its not their fault, they can't really take my word for this, but wow...so sad now
  3. Perhaps I'm just a silly girl and should have know this all along...but I swear it makes no sense! Ornate Elven chests are deeded containers that, once you place them, do not prompt for securities. But, even if they're not locked down, they do not disappear...however, if you do not say "I wish to secure this" then they WILL NOT BE LOCKED DOWN. THe chest will remain - but ANYTHING you put in it will disappear as if it were not locked down. Learned that one the hard way today. Used this chest to put all of my items in that I had been saving up for the Auction held on Friday nights. Ha
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