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  1. Some of your gear choices are the same that I have just my 2 cents here: I use a few different weapons all with - 50 lower defense, 50 lower attack, 100 mana leech, 50 damage increase. This frees up my head slot for a more property heavy piece than mace and shield glasses, and the lower defense from the weapon is > than mace and shield glasses. I also use a Cloak Of Death as it has DCI and HCI so gives me some wiggle room on armor or jewelry pieces. Unless you are using a fairly slow weapon 180 stamina with a weapon that has 3 or less speed factor will get you the max 1.25 swing speed
  2. Well, I started back in UO about a year and a half ago, and had a lot of fun. I could never imagine after shortly logging in today there was a bad argument between Soulkeeper and Kremnim where apparently Krem had killed Soul and took an item or items not sure since I wasnt there. I tried to mediate between the two (mistake #1) and Krem volunteered to meet soul at luna to return whatever he took with soul agreeing to that. I went to luna also on my sampire minato since that was the one character I could converse with Krem in guild chat (mistake #2). Whatever the reason Krem never showed up and
  3. Is there someone that explain something about UO house security for me? I know if you place a vendor you must set your house to public setting which shows on your house sign as public vs private home. Why can an alliance member enter a home as in open the door and walk right inside if its another sagewind home with a public setting yet if you go to a different home that is also on public setting you can't enter it (other home is non alliance member owned). Is there something where if you are an alliance member that allows access to a public alliance member's house regardless?
  4. I've recently pursuaded a Shame Elemental to part ways with the following Bracelet: - 100 luck, SSI 10, DI 25 and if anyone is interested in buying it let me know. I checked with Mythril Elves who is a heavy buyer/seller on UO Trader Hall and he estimates 50 mil in value while Smoot estimates it at 25-75mil. If anyone wants to buy it I will have it placed on my Luna vendor with the agreed upon price for convenience. As a reminder the negative luck can be changed to 100 luck positive through imbuing and will still leave open the 2 additional slots for further properties.
  5. Yes, getting the high mana leech weapons will be done through reforging. I used to for a good long time use high life leech weapons which was kind of redundant with a Sampire. A more experienced Sampire showed me the way to go using high mana leech weapons and maxed 40 LMC from gear worn. My Sampire runs the following: Bushido 120Swords 120Tactics 120Anatomy 120Chivalry 55 (Jewelry adds 15)Necromancy 100Healing 85 My jewelry uses SSI so I'm still on the hunt for an SSI ring that I can fit in with Chivalry to bring my Chiv up. The template you show Scull3y should be able to take down most of
  6. I'll toss in my 2 cents here based on the perspective of my first and main character is a Sampire, and its understood you are not making a Sampire just looking at the Bushido portion. Switching in Bushido for resist I don't think will gain you much if anything at all here's why I say that. With Bushido, players mainly use Confidence and Lightning strikes. A 90+ mana leech weapon that utilizes Armor Ignore (if 1 handed Broadsword/Longsword for example) will always allow you to dish out large damage portions far more than the occasional Lightning strike/Bushido critical hit this is from experien
  7. Hello, I am currently looking to trade this bracelet (greater magic item: SSI 10, HCI 15) for a very good rated dread mare. Some research with other players has determined its worth 250 - 500 million gold, or 1 very good rated dread mare, or 3 decent rated dread mares. I don't mind getting the lesser end of the deal if someone can part with a very good rated dread mare. ICQ me at 686063939 if you have one for trade. With only 2 highly desireable mods on this bracelet which is clean with no negatives you will not see such a bracelet but once in a blue moon feel free to check the history on UO t
  8. Early in the morning I was fighting with the various nasties in a dungeon and the best bracelet I've seen was coughed up by the last diehard standing. Now I've run across a similar drop before which was also a bracelet of SSI 5, DI 25, and for comparison after posting on UO Traders a player from another shard came and picked it up for 100 million. This bracelet is even better, but I would like to get an idea of its value/worth for SSI 10, HCI 15 clean. Probably just my opinion, but when I looked back over the past postings of rings/bracelets with SSI I found one that sold for 1.25 billion whic
  9. well here's an update your problems appear to be solved Phoenyx I just ran by Drizzt's house outside of Luna and he has your colored bones (red) locked down on his porch now its just a matter of getting in touch with him and finding out if he will part with them. I don't know if Clextor is the same as Drizzt if they are the same owner then his post above says it all.
  10. Your named bones when available will be found as a drop from your named zombie skeleton after its killed. As mentioned the named skeleton will not always have the bones on them and the colored bones are so rare that since this started I only have white bones of a dozen players or so. Dying to any of the mobs in the graveyard works for me to cause my own named skeleton zombie to appear there so I try to get them to almost kill me then run a short distance away from the graveyard so they can finish the job where I can do an easy corpse recovery run. I would recommend you do this and die at all t
  11. I've got a tamer on Atlantic that I made months ago and once and a while I put him to use out there. I don't want to kill the fun by twinking him out too much, but I think it would be ok if I could get him a suit + a few items to make his life easier. Do we have anyone in the Alliance that can transfer a suit and some items to him on Atlantic that my Pacific characters can supply? My imbuer can make a complete reforged suit with the jewelry which there's no way my tamer on Atlantic can afford to buy there.
  12. After Nostradamus showed me the ropes on how to solo pirate hunt I probably killed around 3 dozen pirates in a couple of weeks. Those hangout nights at the Golden Squirrel well you all know where those cases of smuggled liquor came from . The main problem is for the time and resources consumed to hunt and take the bounty on pirates its just not worth it. Spend almost an hour and you end up with 20k in gold, ingot/leather resources, and a few of those funny armor enhancers of which I now have a chest of over 100 which player vendors all over sell those same ones for around 400-500 gold each. No
  13. Thanks for the response Cap. From what I remember my evening times mostly run in to your online time during the weekends so for example I can make it anytime on Sat or Sun except for 10pm - midnight as I need to work around my 2 year old toddler's dinner time. Likely on weekdays you won't be able to get on past midnight when us nightowls (Nostradamus,Horus,Soulkeeper,me, etc.) are on then. I can use Morta she is GM magery,mysticism, and magic resist with 82 currently in spellweaving. She also has GM taming on soulstone to swap out spellweaving for greater dragon support just let me know which
  14. Hello, is there someone in the Alliance that can schedule a time to: (1) Show me where this Naverty night eyes spider thingy is and if it needs something to trigger its appearance also (2) A demo or walkthrough on how to solo kill it? I've heard NNE is a spider in the Abyss and I'm interested in hunting it b/c its supposed to be a good source of ingenious level treasure map drops which I'm running low on for my treasure hunter. This is what Nostradamus did for me regarding Medusa where he showed me how to get to her, how to trigger her, and how to kill her (still working on the last part of ki
  15. A couple months ago Nostra (aka Bhaad, Ohgr) advised me I should get a vendor going. I tried stationing one on my keep in Sagewind but only had a few sales even after pricing lower than search uo stated (i.e. Boura pelts for 45k per 10). The vendor fee charge per day easily got more expensive than it was worth to have the vendor around at all this of course is due to location. I understand a vendor stationed in Luna never has this problem since just about everyone goes there. Last night I thought the problem was solved when "Goblin Raider" kept saying in chat free vendor available, but when my
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