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  1. Due to overwhelming popular demand, (thank you Callumf), I am now able return to my tale after an overlong absence. At the time of writing the introductory section of this blog, I had quite a firm idea of what would be my "best bits", a disparate collection of role-playing highlights, with a few low-lights thrown in for added colour. Upon reflection I have decided to give a, perhaps non too brief, summary of the life of my character and how both he, and I, developed through immersion in the world of Ultima Online. I ask forgiveness in advance for any inaccuracy in names mentioned and for the
  2. Nice map. Thank you for pointing it out.
  3. I stumbled upon UO entirely by accident. About ten years ago I found myself at a bit of a loose end and was sat at my keyboard thinking of games I had played in the past and Ultima sprang forth from my, somewhat cluttered, memory. I struggle to recall exactly which Ultima it was, for anyone who knows it was the one with the murder in Trinsic that one was supposed to solve. Anyway, I had spent many a long evening wandering around that world and it struck me that I could possibly encounter it once more. That was when I found UO. I had never played an online game before and it took some, ra
  4. I heartily recommend the following for further information on escort quests, or pretty much anything else really: http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/escort-quests.html
  5. I seem to remember doing a couple of those escort quests when I first started, but all that I can recall of them were that I got to travel to different places and see things that I may not have encountered otherwise. I am unable to tell you what the reward was, perhaps some gold? As to whether you should "...grind to level up", if it is as dull as it sounds, I wouldn't bother. Good luck.
  6. I am having an issue with the link in your last post, it is directing me to: https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fode-guild.com%2Fuostuff%2Fbestiary.html&h=LAQFWvuoK&enc=AZOatk-ZckuPczjIOUlVvgP32WNbthRsmK2CwUg9ZXY_QV4dFSLyRUQEfIBFZBvNeE9qO9N4ROb5-yHjs96OZ_SjBavpJpmjSl0dV-AnMpBpXMgPNlhDLKQMcXhAY0dkdFcMtZ_SBSaTXYHWDShduZb-RNRv7rmJXF4eMpm3ePINsdTzioQ28eUEfTSXkf8Jcry9atgUv7qylFTXipywaWcH&s=1 Links in previous posts are working correctly.
  7. I really enjoyed looking through these maps. Excellent work!
  8. A lovely person whose wit and humour, kindness and forebearance will be sadly missed.
  9. What a terrible series of events! Hope that you manage to get it sorted soon.
  10. And the best character in the film! My characters: Fargo - Can't remember why, it was a long time ago. Nothing to do with the film or bank of the same name. Aster - Short and easy to type. Orson - As above. Parker - The driver from Thunderbirds, also a manufacturer of fine pens. Drake Preston - As in "Sir Francis" and the small English town.
  11. [video=youtube;8gCAItlRpyg]
  12. Welcome Lady Tach. I look forward to seeing you about the shop. I will be updating the vendor listing soon and will add your vendors
  13. I'm afraid that he no longer plays, although I do believe his account is still open, so you never know he may return one day. I too had my first suit of shadow iron plate made by Paidric, which I had thought lost when I returned after a long-ish absence... but I found once again only the other day. He's a wonderful player and hope that he does wander back at some point in the future.
  14. Pretty much what Baruk said. Plant growing is one of the few things you can accomplish in UO without any skill, just time and dedication. It just removes another market from the economy, people who never had the time to grow their own orange petals, for example, would buy them from a vendor, such as the excellent one in the RAA shop on Europa , now they can can grow their own without any effort whatsoever.
  15. I concede the floor to you sir But I will bow out with a Wagnerian tribute to Lemmy ... [video=youtube;xBweqmLk6dU]
  16. And this is the deepest and purplest of Deep Purple: [video=youtube;p0rAP87B7UA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0rAP87B7UA
  17. No. This is THE best Sabbath! [video=youtube;_aIhh9nFYv4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_aIhh9nFYv4
  18. [video=youtube;VosFiY1SifA]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VosFiY1SifA&feature=related
  19. Thanks. I really feel as though I should know these things.
  20. So the mana cost is definitely double if you strike within 3 seconds?
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