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  1. Been gone a few months now I hope to be back playing very soon Thanks @ Lord Chaos
  2. I've been good thanks Hopefully I'll be back in game very soon Anything interesting I've missed?
  3. Just a quick message to say hello, "Wondering whats going on in the UO world" kinda missing it Hope your all well and enjoying the summer holidays x
  4. Yeh, Sure thing @ Sablestorm I am glad you like the report
  5. Pacific Event with Em Montagne 23/11/2012 Story can be found here http://www.uoforums.com/uo-pacific-shard/98038-pacific-event-em-montagne-23-11-2012-a.html#post625715
  6. Pacific Event The Golden Turkey with Em Montagne 23/11/2012 Well today I attended my very first event on Pacific and got to meet EM Montagne and experience one of his fantastic events! EM Montagne greeted us with a Hello! Tonight is going to be a little after Thanks giving treat! Surprise Surprise guess what it involved, yes you got it right TURKEYS lol! Not just any old turkeys though They were Golden Turkeys! Wahoo! So we were off on An Oracle event to find an exclusive Golden Egg. On our quest to find this golden egg we had to seek winged creatures that spoke to us, we had
  7. Really FANTASTIC FUN Events, you'd be mad to miss them. We all know how much you love Orcs Mic =) lol!
  8. http://www.uoforums.com/uo-europa-shard/97953-jovial-juggler-presents-pac-man-18-11-12-a.html Please take a look at the report from The Jovial Juggler PAC MAN event 18/11/2012
  9. The Jovial Juggler PAC-MAN Event Hey Everyone, this will be my first ever event I have reported on and am very excited about it After attending the amazing 10th Anniversary Tour Closing Ceremonies I got to carry on with a great evening by attending The Jovial Jugglers Event - Pac-Man! The turn out was great, lots of people came and joined in with the fun game PAC MAN, it was genius one of the many fantastic events at The Jovial Juggler! Some of the UO Community coming together for the event :- After running through the rules of the game we got to dress up for th
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