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  1. oh and you can try it free for ten days so what's the big deal even if you decide you don't like it ...just go to The Lord of the Rings Online Home | The Lord of the Rings Online for free trial
  2. played UO for ten years now a lifetimer on LOTRO...i say give it a try..i like it a lot
  3. :bdayy::bcake: Happy Birthday Snuggs
  4. :clap:wav::clapHappy Anniversary!!!
  5. DarksieD


    Hi..and welcome guardian of the Oracle..hehe..Oracle should be glad your here
  6. Hey Sean , Mortae said this happened to him as well because of a date change on his credit card...check out your payment info and stuff...hope it's something simple like that *crosses fingers*
  7. WoW...of all the people i've played with you would have been one of the last I would have thought might get banned..me maybe..but not you...hope it all works out...tell them to contact me if they need a character reference
  8. :wav::bcake::bdayy::bcake::wav: Happy somewhat belated birthday bro...hope it was a good one
  9. I would have to agree..very weird..would not want to visit those people..can only imagine the droppings that thing leaves behind
  10. Thanks a lot Adam...see you CAN be a nice guy in spite of what Carpathia says
  11. but obviously i'm not doing something right..hehe
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