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  1. Join a more populated shard like Atlantic, maybe join a large guild (UWF) where theres a lot of folks online throughout the day and utilize this forum to help you get any questions answered. Just my 2 cents
  2. Ugh, this is still an issue then I presume. Im relocating soon and will have to change my entire card info. YAY!! This will be a good time, I can already feel it.
  3. UOGuide.com and http://uo2.stratics.com/ are always updated.
  4. The origin store/EA Billing is a nightmare. A couple years ago my credit card expired so I needed to update the info EA had on file. It was as simple as changing 1 digit in the date on the card. A 2 to a 6. This took 2 months to accomplish including have one of my two accounts canceled and reinstated, calls, emails, web chats....the works. So I feel you brother. Enjoy your time off!
  5. Does this change the ate up billing site?
  6. Single clicking the house sign should give you an option to retrieve the vendor/items. But then again this might be the case for when having a vendor in someone elses house, cant remember. I used to have a vendor at a guild house but something similar kept happening so I gave up on it all ha. Ive had 2 empty vendors at my personal house for about 2 years though and they never go away. Maybe its an account age thing? Im not sure.
  7. She'll have her own flick before long Im sure
  8. Both clients are free to download and install. The game itself will not charge you the 12.99 monthly fee until after the 14 days is up .
  9. Inbox me and we can set up something. I'll help ya get set up .
  10. Im looking forward to it. I liked the 1990 series as a kid so Ive been waiting for a new show/movie for 25 years lol. DC has to get more people familiar with their heroes. So you're going to see a lot of these types of things. Get Flash/Arrow in your living room for a few years. Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman in the upcoming 2016 movie. Before tieing it all together in a mega Justice League movie. They also plan to do the opposite of Marvel by launching the individual hero movies AFTER the big Justice League flick. Yes.......I follow this too closely lol.
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