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  1. Thanks that helped a lot! Believe it or not by some miracle I just able to find my original UO:R disc and it has what is most likely my original account CD key so I think tomarrow I will give support a call and see if anything can be done with that. I suppose I will try to get my accounts back but for the time being I will also just make a trial account to mess around and get caught up on things. One other quick question if I buy the newest expansion will that give me access to all the previous areas that have been added since then? I don't remember how it works on UO, been too long
  2. Hi everyone, I'm planning on returning to UO, I haven't played since AOS first came out. I am wondering if I should bother trying to re-activate my old account or if I should just make a new one. I don't remember exactly how old my account was I think the particular one I am thinking of was made when Third Dawn came out, however I don't know how much actual time it was subscribed for. Is it worth it if it wasn't subscribed for very long? I remember in the past vet rewards went by subscription time and not by your creation date. Also I was reading that you get extra available skill points for e
  3. Ahh ok I did not know that. Thanks, that's what I was afraid of.
  4. Hello everyone, I want to buy this UO shirt from the Bioware store (I can't post a link because I'm a new user but its the one thats black and has the UO symbol on it) but before I order it it I was hoping someone who has it already could give me a little info. I was just wondering if the sizes run small or are standard, I'm a big guy and will buy the XXL but I'm hoping its not a tight fit, I prefer normal t-shirt fit like fruit of the loom or hanes. Also hows the quality, will the shirt hold up to being worn a lot because if I get it I can guarantee I will wear the hell out of it Thanks fo
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