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  1. Hi there I play also a Nox Mage and hes cool But i drop Resist to 0 and raise Poisoning, Necro and Medi to 120. You dont need Resist for PvM.
  2. Hmm, for what you use Necromancy and Spirit Speak as a Dexxer? And why you don't need Healing, when you have Spirit Speak?
  3. This is a very good Post JayT. But whats your Way to get a 90% Mana Leech Weapon? Reforging? And what are your Skills? 120 Swords, Tactics, Anatomy 90 Healing 70 Chivalry (+15 from Jewelry) 100 Parry (+20 from Jewelry) 100 Resist
  4. I would change the Resisting Spells to Bushido (for Samurais). Go to www.uoguide.com and read about Bushido. With Bushido you can wear a 2-handed Weapon without a Shield, but you still have the same blockrate. Warrior and Dexxer is the same. The Sampire has no healing, but in the Lich-Form from Necromancy he has Life-leech and heals that way.
  5. The Problem of Spellweaving is, you don't have effectiv spells who made damage, except Word of Death (which you can only use, when the target has 5% health -> with a lvl 6 focus you can use it, when the target has 30% health). So i think, with this template you need Eval instead of Meditation. And on the suit, you need as much mana reg you can get (max. is 30). I would take Mysticism and Focus (also mana reg).
  6. Sounds good. Maybe 110 Magery should be enough, so you can get 10 Medi and 10 or 20 from Items. So you have a little more. And Focus gives you also some Mana Reg. And you need no 120 Magery-Scroll
  7. I think, both are good. I tried Mass Sleep at Navrey Night Eyes - and it works. What would be your Template? I dont know, if you have Skillpoints left for Mysticism? Because you need 120 Music, Peace, Provo, Magery, Eval and Medi. If you take Mysticism, you have to take Focus also.
  8. Then i think, Drachenfels would be perfect
  9. Than i think DF is perfect, because its the home of the Danish Knuckleheads. Also you can learn a little bit german
  10. If you chose Drachenfels, let me now, so I can help you a bit. Where are you come from?
  11. ratmyr: to reech the title Glorious Lord i would go to Ice Dungeon Lvl 1, where the Ogre Lord spawns. Its everytime only 1 OL and when you kill him, another spawns in a few minutes.
  12. Hmm... i dont know. I dont understand, why you need Peacemaking as a Necro-Mage, because you can cast EV's and destroy the Target with Necromancy and Magery. Instead Peace and Music i would take Necro, Spirit Speak, Magery, Eval, Medi, Spellweaving (each 120). Instead of Necro and Spirit Speak is also Mysticism and Focus good (but then you need as much Mana Reg as you can get).
  13. With Music and peace you can cool down a group of mobs, so they are not aggressiv to you. I think, magery is better then chiv, because with magery you can use invisibility, gate travel, mark runes, res other players and i think, with 60 chiv you can't heal enough.
  14. Hail thee Where do you come from? I play on Drachenfels, because i'm from Switzerland. Newbie friendly build? If you like to play a Mage, then i would mix Magery, Eval, Meditation, Necromancy, Spirit Speak and Spellweaving (later, because you have to do a Quest to get the Spellweaving-Spellbook). Before you can go with Spellweaving, set Focus up. But first, you have to get a 100% LRC suit to train to Grandmaster. With Grandmaster, you can earn some money in various Dungeons. The 100% LRC suit you should get for free or on credit on the most Shards. If you come to Drachenfels, let me no
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