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  1. My dear Dread Lords and Ladies, I am sending out this call to arms for a drastic situation. My page boy, the weak minded fool, told me a tale of our faithful allies being slaughtered in Despise. I headed over to the glorious dungeon despise to see what the situation was since I know my page boy can sometimes over exaggerate. Upon my arrival a strange wisp beckoned me over for a chat. After a brief chat I headed down to the lower level. As I entered the dimly lite area my eyes were filled with horror. I saw these glorious lords and ladies enslaving our allies. Once in slaved they were the
  2. I started playing uo back when a horde of orcs attacked the fair town of moonglow. I was on the Lake Superior server and ran into an awesome group of people there named, the 8*V. I stuck around checking out sever shards all the way until mid ML. I have been back almost 3 weeks and I am enjoying the game again, but trying to process all the changes is mind blowing. I have not yet bought the new x-pack will be in a couple of months, so I do not have the new content. My main is the standard mage tamer. I do have a greater drag. I would like to do something to get a chance at decent drops or ar
  3. Lovin the house it is so good!!!
  4. I have google + if that is what ya mean.
  5. What about a picture of my Honorable Discharge? I also have a certificate of appreciation from 1st batalion 46th infantry. If you ain't Cav, you ain't !!!!!!!!! 19D
  6. Hello All, I have been on pac for about 2-3 weeks and I am loving it. A little about me. I was in the army until I had a training accident, now I am a stay at home dad. I love role playing. I use to DM for a weekly DnD group until real life needed me home more. I have 2 kiddos. A wonderful wife. (who will be returning aswell). We do not have the High Seas yet so can't join in on all the goodness just yet. RP: Would like to rp a family. My characters: Jon Mercer - Mage/Tamer Jacob Mercer - Treasure Hunter Thomas Bradley - Family Scribe More will come. My Icq is 602-50
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