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  1. Also, thank you for the reply Ashlynn. I did browse the archives and didn't find anything.
  2. According to UO.com: "The Olympics were to be held every six months, and the first Olympic games were held in May 1999 after many months of planning and preparations, and lasted just over a week. The teams competed in various events such as, a mage battle, relay races, a baking contest, and a paladin's battle."
  3. Nice to see some faces of days gone by are still involved with PaxLair. I played in what could be considered the golden area of Pax from 98-00. I started playing UO again on a player run shard about a year ago and have been holding some events, etc. I am curious if anyone recalls the All-Britannia Olympics? The All-Britannia Olympics | Ultima Online I am seeking any information about the Olympics such as events, pictures, etc. I recall darts, horseracing, archery, paladin battle, mage battle as some of the events and the unique medals given to the winners. Any info, accounts, and/or pics woul
  4. My thanks for the invite however I won't be in the area. Glad to see PaxLair still thrives. I have re-awoken in another realm. It has been quite an adventure although nothing will compare to the days of old. Given your procurement and interest of historical items of note, I perused the annals and didn't see any sketches. Are these to be found or have they erroneously decayed?
  5. Greetings my dear friend and countless moons it has been. I see you still sail the seas of the ether. Send me a note or some such in regards to your explorations, endeavors, and adventures. Also of any encounters of past acquaintences, such as Ashland, Lady Marilla, or even the scoundrel Ed McManus. Highest regards -Jo
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