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  1. I started playing UO in 2005, so I do not exactly know what went on before. However I hear that food used to be important in playing the game. Nowadays, apart from the “magical food”, having a meal is just part of “role playing”. You can go up to the “Player Cook” and compliment about the cuisine it offered or complain about it being overcooked or being too salty. There is a saying that “You cannot fight with an empty stomach”, and I think this should apply also in UO. I would not go as far as promoting a system where your character dies of starvation if it is left without food for a certain
  2. It’s nice to see someone wanting to play UO. Let me give you some advice before you start playing the game. (I apologize afront for the long sentences) You can play 14 days for free. Go to http://uo.com/About-Game and click “Try the 14 day Free trial” There are two types of game clients (platform) There is the “Classic client” and “Enhanced” client. The main big difference is the graphics. If you are using an old PC, use the “Classic Client”. If your PC is relatively new, try out both. It will take some time to download the client. After you start the game, it will take some time to downlo
  3. If you haven't tamed any new pets since AOS, I would just adjust your taming skills to 120 and start looking for powerful pets. I recommend a Cusidhe or a Greater Dragon. The easiest way of taming a greater dragon is using the Honour virtue on yourself. As other dragons, they get anry when you try to tame them, and you can get killed very easily.
  4. About a year ago, adjustments have been made with the Chivalry skill. There is a chance of failure in "Concecrate Weapon" unless you have skills more than 80. The amount of damage bonus of "Enemy of One" is dependant on skill level. The amount of stamina replenished by "Devine Fury" also depends on skill level. If you are dependant on those spells, I would increase chivalry to at least 80 by means of accessories (braclet and rings) or by reducing tactics. However, I would first "test drive" your sampire, and if you feel comfortable with it, there is no need to adjust your skills.
  5. Playing with the aquarium has become a forgotten activity in UO. However, I think it can still be made interesting by updating it. Not much updating has been made since it was first introduced with Mondain’s Legacy upgrade. It might seem as a mundane activity but take for example gardening, that has been frequently updated and there are alot of players taking interest in it. Utilizing existing resources such as this would require less energy than creating something totally new. I discussed with some friends and came up with a few ideas: Make it possible to cut up the fish into raw fish cak
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