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  1. Grindylow listened to the Noble from Moonglow yelling in the streets of Britain. More...
  2. What Dark Magic lurks in Umbra? Could the City of Darkness and Necromancy be behind some of the recent disturbances in our lands? More...
  3. The original post can be found here
  4. The following was found over at the stratics forums: More..
  5. Our Austalian service provider will perform maintenance today at 3 pm EDT (19:00 GMT) which might affect the Oceania shard. You might lose connectivity to the shard for a short periood. More...
  6. Grindylow the Hag tapped her finger against the side of her nose. Then she tried squinting her eyes, with out much more success. She tapped her nose, squinted her eyes and then started tapping her left foot on the floor, trying her best to get the thoughts started in her head. More...
  7. The gargoyle messenger held tightly to the rolled parchment as he landed some distance from the palace grounds. Gently edging loose the seal, he unrolled the parchment and read.. More...
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