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  1. Awesome. I'm looking to come back by the end of the month hopefully!
  2. I have been thinking about returning to UO. How is the population on Pacific? Is R3 and kahlan still around?
  3. Waiting for Kahlan to get super exiced about this post in 3....2....1....
  4. Whats up guys, Long time no see eh? How are things in Pacific? How are my fellow R3 guildies? My wife has finished college and doesnt hog the PC anymore and my son is now a little over 2 years old and doesnt have to be watched every second. SOOOOOooooo I've been thinking alot about UO lately and I'm thinking about coming back. But first I have to ask....Did they fix the crappy batch that messed with gear that was forged? (I'm not sure if "froged" is the right terminology, its been a while. When you use a soul forge to make superb gear) Later, Merek
  5. Well guys, I think I'm going to cancel my account and move on. Between work, my 16 month old, my wife going to college online, and the gym I just don't have time to play UO anymore. :-/ So I'm going to be selling and giving away everything I own, except what belongs to Kahlan. My house is located right next door to the R3 auction house in sage wind, designed by Kahlan. I'll try to get online tonight, so hit me up on ICQ if you would like to come see what I have. Don't expect a lot of extravagant stuff, as I've only been playing a year but I do have some nice things. I've had a great ti
  6. I've played Fantasy Realm Online, and I have to say this game is terrible. It mimic's UO, but is just crappy in general. The last time I played, the only pets you could have were roosters..........SERIOUSLY!!
  7. I watched one earlier that was hilarious!
  8. I'm down for this! I DO NOT know how to pvp though! I am currently in the process of building a PVP thrower, although I'm not sure my template is good. 100 Throwing 100 Ninjitsu 100 Tatics 100 Anat 100 Healing 100 Med 100 Chiv
  9. I made sure I had plenty of skill points when I first noticed the problem.
  10. Sablestorm, This char is not guilded. I'll look and see if I have any jewlery for Ninjitsu and try that. Kahlan I'm not sure. I've had it on my photobucket account for many years.
  11. I have been training Ninjitsu for about a week. I've beat the crap out of my horse and went threw multiple weapons without a single gain. I'm currently at 62.5, and I have plenty of skill points left. I'm following the training guide on uoguide. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I dont care for the light switches and lamps.
  13. Shame isnt too bad. Thats where I did most of my Sampire training. Rat spawn in the Abyss is good too.
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