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  1. All accounts new and old have been upgraded to Mondains Legacy (ML).. It is a bit tricky with UO really! There has only been one major expansion since then, which is Stygian Abyss (SA).. Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia Then there's is a minor expansion (aka Booster Pack) called High Seas.. Ultima Online: High Seas - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia Then there's also two theme packs which added a few extra items, none that give advantages in the field though.. (Rustic & Gothic) Theme Packs - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia Buying
  2. First of all...... Welcome back! I'll try to answer each of your questions.. If you remember your login details, then I don't see why shouldn't just reactivate the old account! Every month counts, right? Account age only ticks when you subscribe, that is true.. For every year an account is, you get +5 to your total skill cap.. Maxed out at 4 years with +20.. Most skills can go to 120, if you get the powerscrolls.. Power Scrolls - UOGuide, the Ultima Online encyclopedia 720 is not needed to make a good template, but of course it does help, especially if you're going for 6x120 skil
  3. Tonight Professor Grimm gathered the players of Drachenfels in the counsellors hall, to tell us a story! He greeted us, sat down and told us the tale of a tailor and his three sons. Especially about the Gold-Donkey. Once Grimm had finished his story, he lead us through a gate and we arrived at Hanse's Hostel in Malas. Not long after our arrival we encountered a big nasty looking creature.... For me the initial fighting didn't last long...... and I was not alone in the netherworld! But we got back in the fight and in the end; we succeeded! Huzzah! We all gathered infront of Pro
  4. Was another fun night.. Thanks to all who attended! To anyone interested, we have the entire thing caught on video.. elahhez - Ultima Online Ingame Auction - New Magincia on Drachenfels Enjoy..
  5. It was more of a suggestion than an urge really! And yes, it's always "interesting" the first time.. But it did go great, and it was a nice turnout.. Can only hope they all went straight to the forums to sign up! Job well done, I think this is a fun way to advertise, and will certainly be part of it again!
  6. Aye.. This is true.. Send them an email or call them and they'll assist you in unlinking an account..
  7. RIP Michael.. Your screen presence will always cherised..
  8. Igreed! And I'm often told my personality fits for that character.. Hehe.. I take it as a compliment!
  9. Have to many characters to list all the names.. Mostly I get my names from movies... That's how creative I am! To name a few: Stephen - My main chars, I have a few of them! (The Irish guy from Braveheart) Selene Lestat - Sammy.. Selene from Underworld & Lestat from Interview With a Vampire Exmortis - Nox Necro.. From the Evil Dead movies (Exmortis Necronomicon, The Book of the Dead) Connor MacManus - Disco Archer.. Boondock Saints Murphy MacManus - Peace Fencer.. Also Boondock Saints Martigan - Archer Tamer.. Madmartigan from Willow Snake Plissken - Focused Mage.. Escape From New York
  10. Lockpicking has definetly gotten alot easier since they removed the Anti-Macro code.. Can basicly go all the way to 95 on 3-4 boxes (different tinkering levels).. And being discorded by Satyrs makes the last 5.0 points a picnic also! I remember having to use 200+ boxes to train, and then wandering about picking spawned chests.. Was definetly more of a challenge, and also alot more rewarding when you completed it! And I really miss our old public Lockpick Training House.. But yes.. If it was possible I'd pick 5x Taming and make a Tamer account! Hehe..
  11. I hear ya mate.. It's not easy! I don't have much experience with mixing weapon skills and mage skills, so I can't give much advice there! UO has changed alot since you last played, which you undoubtedly realized within minutes of logging back in, hehe.. I would suggest finding a few veteran players ingame to show you the ropes of how to play your template.. Or at least give you the basics.. Join the global chat channel: General, and I'm sure a few friendly players will take the time to assist you! I don't play Atlantic, but if you ever show up on Drach, give me a hollar..
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