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  1. Awesome! :eusa_clap: [video=youtube;Lq9wZ0zR3Jg] But.... It shows our Player character Over Powered. Maybe we should accept some narf for battle balance...
  2. Over 8years before, Japanese official Forum get this idea. Just only RP side, Eating and Food.... It should be Tasty.... is VERY IMPORTANT. Several times I post feed back to EAJ add "Taste" parameter to some foods. If you have a time, visit MIzuho Shard T-Britain "Cat's Lair". It is one of result.... [video=youtube;_PgNFrj_Ba4]
  3. Last Sat, We had same event in Sakura, Yamato, Asuka, and Mugen(Hardcore Shard) Final Results below; 1st Asuka 233 waves 2nd Yamato 213 waves 3rd Hokuto 204 waves 4th Wakoku 183 waves 5位 Mizuho 179 waves 6位 Sakura 173 waves 7位 Izumo 163 waves Mugen(Hardcore Shard) 110 waves It takes 5-6h fighting, Maybe all of Japanese Shard player have got Very Very Tired, and Sleepy. Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine,et lux perpetua luceat eis!
  4. Last weekend, we had one EM event in Mizuho, Izumo, Hokuto and Wakoku Shard. Game is simple, Void pool attacking. These are results. Mizuho : reached 179 waves Izumo : reached 163 waves Hokuto : reached 204 waves Wakoku : reaches 183 waves Each shard has over 100 players. It is greatest experience for us! IN next Sat. We will do same game in Yamato, Mugen, Asuka, and Sakura. If you want to see the over 100 players Void Pool Attacking, Come on and join us! Note: I joined this event in Mizuho Shard. Start from 22:00. Finish time is nearly 3:00. It takes 4h30min over! 眠いよ!
  5. I' m looking for some ideas in UOSS UHall,I can't find the reason of the correct Metal armor. They say.... it is not balanced.... it is Not only metal armors. we should balanced all of battle rules. I wonder who want to wear the metal armor. I am one of metal armor mania, From my young age, I have wear Chainmail and Plate parts. everyone take care for it is weak.... I think It is not too weak. I can kill the Stygian Dragon with solo play, sometimes I went to hunting with guild members and get something Arti. I think metal armor is enough for fighting. no need to upgrade. We are not strengt
  6. I got some response about this news from Japanese Players... from Toriko san related to http://www.uoforums.com/uoforums-general-discussion-suggestions-news/97137-uoforums-10-year-anniversary-shard-tour.html#post623083 post "not Yamoto It is Yamato" Ok, Quickly Kahlan will correct it! (Already=)) "It is very glad to visit two of eight JP Shard. Thank you for your kindness! The player in Japan is interested in the point why to have chosen Mizuho and Yamato." (She demanded to translate carefully like the greeting of an Oscar award of this text! ) from Jitta san She will join Yamato e
  7. Ok, I open my action in Japanese website now! UOSS : Post Shard tour information in Yamato EM Forum : only 100 Views Uomin : It is one of SNS for UO Japanese player. I make one community in here and post some information here! Twitter : Yesterday I posted tour information with #UO_JPN tag. Jet_set_Radio san Re-tweet it to his community, Thx! ジェットさん見てるー(笑) Just asking: I asked "Siel Dragon" add UOF tour info to his site; Lyceam net = ブリカツ He can understand English, so if you have Twitter account, follow @Siel and contact him! About contest, I will translate it and post Japanese UO pla
  8. Hi Kahlan! Thank you visiting to Mizuho! If you have any question in Mizuho, Please ask Guild Mistral [MST], Maybe someone help you! (Because I'm member of Guild Mistral!) See you again in Mizuho!
  9. Dear カオス御大将 In order to give Japanese people this information, please allow translating into Japanese and contributing to it. 謝謝合作。 訳文ここから→ UOForumsは、10周年のお祝いとUOS 15周年記念の一環として、さまざまなUOのシャードを巡回訪問します。 景品、講演やスピーチがあるでしょう。 このサイトおよびコミュニティの裏方として働くチームと交流する機会です。 私たちは、全部で8シャードを訪問する予定です。 (5つの米国シャード、1つのヨーロッパシャード、2つの日本シャード) Drachenfeldtsは、リストに存在しません(ちょっと前にUOFメンバーとの交流会が行われていた為:訳者注)。 訪問するシャードのリストは以下の通り: Atlantic Pacific Oceania Lake Superior Siege Perilous Europa Yamoto Mizuho 10月の週末、8日間で巡回します。 訪問できないシャードの皆さん、ごめんなさい。:'( できればすべてのシャードを回りたかったのですが、単純に時間もリソースもマンパワーも足りないんです。 ←訳文ここまで
  10. Do it yourself is our rule! This is what was created by HS sale start commemoration.
  11. Set Armor? It is get from ML BOSS and named monsters below; chief paroxysmus dread horn lady melisande monstrous interred grizzle shimmering effusion travesty abscess chiikkaha coil gnaw grim grobu guile irk lady jennifyr lady lissith lady marai lady sabrix lurg malefic master jonath master mikael master theophilus miasma mistral moug-guur putrefier pyre red death rend saliva silk sir patrick spite swoop szavetra tangle thrasher virulent
  12. When I created a character for the first time of MMORPG, this screwdriver suited at hand. VESSEL Co., INC. I used this name, without wavering. I got to know that this word was an English general noun after several years.
  13. I have these; Oceania - 2012 Catskill - 2012 If you need these, tell me.
  14. In Izumo Shard, people stealthed and are alive not only by Fel but Tram. Only Fel is not special.
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