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  1. If I remember from when I used to play the fountain for aids was the only thing worthwhile???
  2. Just reactivated a couple accts and still have some heritage tokens on them. Any idea on prices these days? I believe they are on Lake Superior.
  3. I believe a 3.6 is a okay cu but typically if you want a good hunter look for one with 4.0 or higher!
  4. She is awesome! and doing well. I feels so lost now reading all the changes
  5. Just wanted to take a minute to say hello to everyone...god its been forever since I talked to any of you! Quick update if anyone cares...I am currently playing Eve Online again. And of course it consumes me. Finally got out of managing the restaurant now i manage the management of it and another. Just opened a third one and am embarking on a new concept which i own 10% every one we build. So its been very hectic at work. Hunter is 3 now and doing well he just aged out of physical therapy and has far surpassed any of his doctor or surgeons expectations. My 15 yr old thinks life in jail
  6. I dont see any problem with it even if they are flashing wouldnt bother me Hosting is a good option.
  7. yes trogs take a bit to get used to and they switch targets also...one thing i have learned there is loot when and if you can but dont let yourself get caught up in it as you will have so many bodies it wont matter if you miss a few. And what i meant by selling was sell to npc's as ogre lords dont drop much worth selling to other players. Much of the time all i looted was jewels and regs which make decent money in relation to their weight, but always check the items for the possibility of enhancing. If you do trogs loot all the bandies as well saves buying them to vet pets and other players wi
  8. I do agree with you Malag on the immersion aspect and much of that comes from the housing and the community aspect, but as far as recommending to a new player I guess it would matter whether they are looking for a game to play or an alternate reality to escape from life One thing I will say about UO is it totally captured and immersed me far more than any other game to this day.
  9. Well as a no longer corruptable (cause I dont play) interested party, it would be easy to set up. Just peg someone the task give them unlimited access to all servers, complete invisiblity (no interaction is really required), access to players logs, and thats it. This person would not need the ability to make/create/acquire anything in-game to perform the job. The first things I would check would be the amount of time logged in and start there. Although many players do marathon gaming it really isnt too consistent whereas scriptors are always on. Next check bank balances..recent selling and buy
  10. everquest imo had the best banking system where each character had xx slots of their own then 2 slots shared. Made transferring gear and resources to alts so much easier. This was a way better system than mailing or drop in an inn somewhere and hope to get back before someone else got it. Of course housing made this less than necessary.
  11. I had to go with No, it simply is without question the best community in any mmo but the game is just too outdated, exploited, and frankly boring 90% of the time. My opinion of course but the learning curve mixed with poor graphics (comparably speaking) and the lack of a strong player base makes it a bad choice imo. Now if the sub fee was reduced to free or even $5 I would say go for it, but with the availability of much newer games with basically the same price tag its hard to recommend it to a new player.
  12. kill ogre lords with your cu, hardly any vetting needed on them and you can get your fame.karma, virtues raised quickly with minimal risk. loot everything and sell when you get full, it does tend to get boring rather quickly however it will increase your bank acct to the point you have the insurance money to try out some tougher stuff and to buy better gear. Another option is kill drakes and dragons, loot and skin them sell the loot and hides. You will be surprised how fast you can make some decent cash selling hides. If you are not worried about quick training your pet and more concerned abo
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