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  1. u can use Whetstone to remove DI from a weapon that have 6/7 mods to add other mod to it , or its already at the cap?
  2. you can use whetstone to take DI out and put other mod on it?
  3. thanks for the quick reply, Vessel. Perhaps i wasnt very clear. My questions was if parry is worth having at only 70 points or is one of those skills that only worth when u have 100 or 120 ( parrying), this because my template is very tight ( as all ninjas) and i could put the points of parry in another skill.
  4. Hey guys, im making a pvp/field ninja with 120 bushido , do i really need 70 parrying? Does, parrying at 70 makes a great difference or is only good at 100/120 ? Asking this because my template is really tight and i could use more skills points. thanks all !
  5. about the paralyze fields, can u explain to me how a melee can counter them??? thanks a lot!
  6. I agree with you Dragkiris, but try to beat a mage with a melee with no poison, or even with poison. A mage can easily use petals/Gcure pots to instant remove Deadly and with one heal recover all the damage u made... and then u have no mana and enemy with full hp. For example, today i made a dexxer macer ( no poison) and pvp with a pure mage, he stood static, while i was wasting all my mana, just ghealing and small healing and i could never kill him even with bleed+ armor ignore + disarm. A melee can never use 2 times a special because they get out of mana ( since melee chars need all 3 sta
  7. Mages are already O.P as hell. Wrestle has one meaning, to evade and give disarm/para blow and thats all ! Try to fight as meele vs a good mage in pvp , lol... Evade evade evade evade + spamming heal+gheal and its nearly impossible to kill a good mage and now u want to change wreslers into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Ps: forgot to talk about how O.P are paralyze fields from mages in the Field !! 3 People from the same guild spammin paralyze fields so they cant never get killed by melees or anything else.....
  8. When does the mana penalty occur? It's only when u use 2 special moves? Does it counts when you use Ninjitsu Skills or Bushido Skills too ? for example: Armor ignore + Deathstrike or Armor Ignore + Ligthning Strike ? It seems it costs a lot of mana when i try one of those combos, can someone explain to me a better way to save mana and still do some damagae as melee ? thanks !
  9. Hi guys , i got few questions: 1.Does Shame loot or other place that drops Rings/brac splintering weapons worth ?? 2.If shame loot worth it, wich one is better Tamer, Sampire or Mystic With RC? 3.Can someone Post the best luck arties/itens/rare combo? thanks a lot!
  10. Buying splinterwinf sword weapons
  11. thanks a lot for the answers guys !!! have a great day !
  12. Whats exactly is the time duration ?? on the Stratics/uoguide says 30s to five minutes but right now i got 90 Spellweaver and i only got for 50 seconds. Does anyone knows how much is the max time? thanks a lot
  13. Is possible to Lethal poison shurikens?
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