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    Owner of the Red & Purple Empire, Atlantic Shard. Playing since spring of 2001, master house designer, community leader, and strive to survive until the very end. I no longer believe in decor contests so don't ask me. R/L born London, England... and British to the Bone!
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    Candy, Action Movies, Star Wars, Gardening, Cookies, Moving someplace with a beach. Breaking things!
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    Writer... as well as Golden Apple of Chaos.
  1. For some people... Black is white. Night is day. I'm really growing tired of it.
  2. I had a trade partner on every shard, back in the day, for many years... and they all vanished 1 by 1. It happens. Last time around, someone I traded with for years chose to run a scam on me. Blocked and warned people of him, someone who claims to be a huge x-shard trader. X-shard scammer, more or less... and I'm done. The NEW way is far better. Shard shields give a passage every month and we don’t have events/items to worry about every month, so why not take advantage of a good thing father then worry about being ripped off? Do it yourself, tag along with friends you know and play with rath
  3. "Script it"? Scripting is a RoC violation. hehe Honestly, I think cross-shard-trading is a thing of the last thanks to all the dishonest rip-off artists. We have the "shard-shields" and us older ones, even if we dont personally have them, have friends that do. Then its like a team effort. Frankly I dont see selling these items as the price will only get better in a few years. Most of mine will go to decor.
  4. Anyone posting locations, please make sure to post WHAT SHARD we are talking about. =) Otherwise, it doesn't help.
  5. I'm not sure... but I think it may be possible to dye them... at least the roses. If you look quickly, when you double click the statue and get them, just for a fraction of a second the roses are colorless, then turn red. I was slightly disapointed. I was thinking, it may be color per shard, like the Charlie Brown Christmas trees... BUT I wouldn't mind them being dyable. Then they can match your decor. The artwork is quite nice. The best part is that they wont be dead common like last year.
  6. =) I did... but I'm not worried too much about those shards (collecting wise). They always seam to get more then the rest of us for some odd reason. There is a 2nd shard I know about and its a 2nd totaly different location. SO, I can only assume, each shard will be different.
  7. Well... thanks for the help, gang! But today (Sunday) I got a sneak look at the gift and I wont share what it is. All I will say is that its way better how they are giving them out rather then 1 per guy, thus... 1 nice thing is greatly overkilled. Its 1 per account. You'll all see in a couple days. Fffffffffttttt.
  8. You could always start with a potato crammed in the tailpipe of his ride. =) Anything else will shoot out before the engine stalls.
  9. Food is not what it used to be, that's for sure. I also remember (old days) that you had to keep your guys fed to gain better skills. Cooking skill has really 'boiled' down to making non-food things. Like Savage Kin Paint... or whatever. Then, like Chocolate stuff was added... and it was extremly dispaointing. Just "half-(something)" done, if you ask me. Many things are just for decor or the High Seas stuff, special fish (if you ever see them) can be cooked into special pies. I think the most stupid thing is how you cant just lock a pile of beef or fish-steaks down and let everyone sh
  10. A mage is not powerful enough alone. Simple enough. Combos are the way to go, but I wouldn’t say go with a nerco-mage unless you really don’t want positive karma. It's true you will loose karma building poisoning skill, but you can soon work that off easy enough. Then, like I said... combos... depends on the job. I find most mages work with other skills. For example. You could build a mage/prisoner/peace. OR mage/prisoner/discord. Either way, you’ll need music, clearly. I’d also add a high degree of hiding. That way, you can break attack locks on you. I do the same with tamers. Y
  11. Wonder if those figures are true... and what would BE if they hired someone to remind the world Ultima is still around after 30 years. hehe =)
  12. A few years ago... I was disgusted by something I saw on television. I don’t normally pay any attention, what-so-ever, to advertising of any kind. Most shows are DVRed so we can skip ahead the pointless and droning stupid advertisements. Sometimes, when lazily watching whatever day time programming, the mute feature is on during the ads so I don’t have to listen. Still, out of the corner of my eye... I spotted a face from my very favorite 80’s TV shows, someone who is on TV very rarely. Good ole Mr. T, pitching “World of Warcraft”. Has bad times befallen such a mighty super action hero t
  13. I would be happy to help, but my skills and programs may be a little too primitive. All my signatures are self-made. =)
  14. 1, if the staff plays... it's only in cheat mode. I did basicly say that, Adam. hehe. It's like why hire EMs who's experence is only in being a PK... so they can commit mass-murder fo every event. The only change-request I keep making is to crack down on the criminal side of the game. Do they? Never. lol. We have someone running around Atlantic pretending to be well known establishment owners, scamming and stealing and grieving the innocent. Scripters running wild, claiming to make 2000$ a week (USD). 1 house, I've been trying to help a friend, has 2 vendors stuck in it, timer not
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