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  1. Early 2000s you could choose 2d or 3d. The enhanced client has replaced 3d now.
  2. What shard are you on? Smart move keeping those accounts active. How old are they now?
  3. I have been following the posts, it's crazy. Makes me sad even though it won't directly impact me...this game is just so mistreated. I never heard this WoW rumor but if it's true that is a shame.
  4. I run around Origin looking for signs of life.
  5. I will stick with my Negative Nancy attitude. This game is a huge FOREVER NO for me.
  6. This has been my complaint from the get go, I feel like he has been planning this since he abandoned UO. They are just about milking the wallets of any loyal followers that are left.
  7. Honestly it seems to me that style of play has long left most shards. Give Siege a try if you really want that old school feel.
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